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Project List

In an effort to inform residents of current and upcoming projects throughout the Town of Knightdale, the Development Services Department has compiled a regularly updated list of projects. The list features all projects currently under construction, approved, and proposed and corresponds with our Interactive Development Activity Map.

Click on the case number or project name for additional information.

These projects are proposed for development and under review by Town Staff.


Case #              Project NameTypeDescription
ZCP-2-23Duke Energy Battery StorageAdministrativeClass III Utility
ZMA-2-23Lyndon OaksRezoning - PUD500 lot residential development, 15,000 square feet commercial
ZCP-3-23Money Court Office BuildingAdministrative4,400 square feet office building
ZMA-5-23Ample Storage Phase 3Rezoning - CD

3-story indoor mini-storage facility 

(87,840 square feet total floor area)


These developments have been approved by the Town and are pending construction drawing approval and/or building permits.


Case #Project NameTypeDescription
SUP-02-01Mingo Creek Phases 7 & 12SUP100 lot residential development
ZMA-6-19The CollectionRezoning - PUD92 lot residential development
ZMA-9-20Old Milburnie VillageRezoning - PUD267 lot residential development
ZMA-11-20Preserve at Marks CreekRezoning - PUD369 lot residential development
ZMA-5-21Creekview CrossingRezoning - PUD291 lot residential development
ZCP-7-21Bethel Moldovian Baptist ChurchAdministrative Site PlanReligious institution
ZMA-9-21BrioRezoning - PUD791 lot residential development
ZMA-13-21EP Mart RedevelopmentRezoning - CDGas station redevelopment
ZMA-15-21Parkstone Dewitt Mixed UseRezoning - PUDMixed-use development
SUP-2-22NCDOT Cell Tower RelocationSUPRelocation of cell tower for I-540 construction
ZMA-2-22Harper PreserveRezoning - PUD219 lot residential development
ZMA-4-22Project HopeRezoning - PUD290 unit residential development
ZMA-7-22River PointeRezoning - PUD50 lot residential development
ZMA-10-22Mailman PostRezoning - PUD302 lot residential development
ZMA-12-22The Haven at Griffith MeadowsRezoning - PUD180 lot residential development
ZMA-16-22Robertson CrossingRezoning - PUD644 lot residential development
ZMA-3-23Knightdale Station CommercialRezoning - PUD53,000 sq ft office & commercial development
ZMA-6-23Knightdale Gateway OutparcelRezoning - PUD34,200 square feet office flex buildings

These developments are under construction and inspections are on-going.


Case #              Project NameTypeDescription
S-1-13GlenmereAdministrative326 lot residential development
S-3-13Knightdale StationAdministrative611 lot residential development
S-6-16StoneriverRezoning - PDD401 lot residential development
S-8-16SilverstoneRezoning - PDD379 lot residential development
ZMA-1-15River's EdgeRezoning - CD302 unit multi-family development
ZMA-11-18Mingo Creek Greenway ExtensionAdministrative1.2 mi greenway extension
ZMA-2-19Panera BreadRezoning - CD4,200 sq ft restaurant
ZMA-7-19Poplar Creek Village Phase 4Rezoning - PUD55 lot residential development
ZMA-8-19Parkstone VillageRezoning - PUD148 lot residential development
ZMA-9-19Flowers PlaceRezoning - PUD17 lot residential development
ZMA-1-20The Lofts at Knightdale StationRezoning - PUD195 unit & 12,000 sq ft mixed-use development
ZMA-3-20Merritt Midway Business ParkRezoning - CD270,000 sq ft flex/office space development
ZMA-5-20Allen ParkRezoning - PUD620 lot residential development
ZMA-7-20Haywood Glen Phase 3Rezoning - PUD78 lot residential development
ZMA-8-20Forestville VillageRezoning - PUD190 lot residential development
ZMA-10-20Eastgate 540 Building 7Rezoning - CD204,000 sq ft industrial development
ZMA-12-20Forestville YardRezoning - PUD137 lot residential development
ZMA-1-21Village Gate Mixed-UseRezoning - PUDMixed-use development
ZMA-3-21Legacy OaksRezoning - PUDMixed-use development
ZMA-4-21Haywood Glen Phase 4Rezoning - PUD104 lot residential development
ZMA-8-21Camden ParkRezoning - PUD74 lot residential development
ZMA-10-21Elevate RiverviewRezoning - PUD394 unit multi-family development
ZMA-14-21Wake Vet Urgent Care ExpansionRezoning - CD6,200 sq ft expansion
ZMA-16-21Knightdale GatewayRezoning - PUD511,000 sq ft industrial development
ZMA-17-21Hinton Oaks Industrial Park Lots 9 & 10Rezoning - CD344,000 sq ft industrial development; (Lot 9 Under Construction)
ZCP-10-22Fire Station #1AdministrativeNew public safety facility
ZMA-11-21WeldonRezoning - PUD154 lot residential development
ZMA-13-22Downtown NorthRezoning - PUDMixed-Use Development
ZCP-1-23Kiddie Academy & Medical OfficeAdministrativeDaycare & medical office building development 


These projects are currently inactive. 

Case #              Project NameTypeDescription
ZCP-8-21Knight's Court Independent LivingAdministrative84-unit senior living facility
ZMA-6-22Sanctuary at PooleRezoning - PUD237 lot residential development
ZMA-15-22Parkside at WestlakeRezoning - PUDMixed-use development


AdministrativeProposed uses are permitted by right in the established zoning district. Projects are reviewed and approved by staff.
Rezoning - CDConditional District. This is a legislative rezoning process that requires approval by Town Council. This process generally requires more restrictive conditions for specific uses than what the underlying zoning district would allow.
Rezoning - PUDPlanned Unit Development. This is a legislative rezoning process that requires approval by Town Council. Applicants can request site development allowances in exchange for a creative, innovative, and high-quality master planned development. 
SUPSpecial Use Permit. This is a quasi-judicial process that requires approval by Town Council. These are requests to allow a specific use in an established zoning district. While these uses are generally compatible with other uses permitted in the district, individual consideration is needed due to their unique characteristics or potential impacts to surrounding neighborhoods.