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Fire Prevention Checklist

___ We have ____smoke alarms in our home.

___ The last time we replaced the battery in our smoke alarm was __/__/__. It must be replaced once a year.

___ We test our smoke alarms monthly.

 ___ We never use the batteries in the smoke alarms for toys or anything else.

___ We have a home escape plan. Our plan includes two ways out of every room.

___ Our family has a special place to meet outside if there is a fire.

___ Our family practices our escape plan ___times a year.

___ All electrical cords in my home are in good condition. All frayed or damaged wires are replaced.

___ There are no electrical cords underneath carpets, rugs or furniture.

___ There is no more than one electrical item for each outlet.

___ All fuses being used are the proper rating.

___ Garbage, such as old newspapers or boxes, are not placed near heat-producing equipment such as furnaces.

___ Space heaters in our home are kept at least three feet away from the wall and other items, such as drapes, furniture and papers that might catch fire.

___ Children and flammable items (such as potholders, curtains and towels) are kept away from the stove.

___ All room exits are clear including windows.

___ Whenever there is an open flame in our house, it is well guarded. The fireplace has a screen, the candles have sturdy holders, and the matches and lighters are kept away from small children.

___ All gasoline and flammable liquids are kept away from heat sources and flames.

___ We make sure the temperature setting on our hot water heater is 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below to avoid burns.

___ We bought and learned how to use a fire extinguisher.

___ Fireplaces in the home are inspected annually and cleaned by a professional. Each fireplace has a metal fire screen or heat tempered glass doors.