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Staff Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Heather Smith Town Clerk
Bill Summers Town Manager
Dustin Tripp Assistant Town Manager - Operations
Suzanne Yeatts Assistant Town Manager - Administration
Morgan England Administrative Assistant
Community Relations
Name Position Phone Number
Terrence Dove Communications & Marketing Manager
Rachel Morris Community Relations Director
Development Services
Name Position Phone Number
Donovan Applewhite, CZO Planner
Jason Brown, AICP, CZO Development Services Director
Donna Goodman, CZO Senior Planner - Long Range
Kevin Lewis, AICP, CZO Senior Planner - Current
Tracy Padgett Planner
Gideon Smith, AICP Senior Planner - Current
Andrew Spiliotis, AICP Senior Planner - Transportation
Heidi Salminen Planning Technician
Name Position Phone Number
Michelle Arnold Business Analyst
Stephanie Carew Accountant
Carole Faison Accounting Technician
Dylan Minshew Accounting Technician
Mark Stephens Finance Director
Alice DeGaetano Assistant Finance Director
Name Position Phone Number
Knightdale Fire Department
Knightdale Fire Inspections
Liam Anderson Firefighter
Adam Beasley Firefighter
Anya Blackley Battalion Chief
William Boggs Battalion Chief
Roy Brooks Fire Lieutenant
Jonathan Burgess Fire Captain
Joe Caldwell Firefighter
Michael Carr Firefighter
Gregory Carson Firefighter
Loren Cone Fire Chief
Will Densmore Firefighter
Clint Ellington Firefighter
Adam Ellis Fire Lieutenant
Blake Ellis Firefighter
Mark Guy Fire Captain
Seth Hall Firefighter
DJ Kernodle Firefighter
Jermone King Fire Lieutenant
Brandon Lindsey Fire Lieutenant
Brenda Lynch Administrative Assistant
Jimmy Massey Fire Captain
Xavier Manning Firefighter
Mitchell Medlin Firefighter
Chris Miller Battalion Chief
Michael Miller Fire Captain
Christian Mogensen Fire Lieutenant
Brandon Murray Fire Lieutenant
Juan Padron Firefighter
Anthony Parrinello Firefighter
Jason Pope Fire Captain
Jimmie Pope Fire Captain
William Ramos Firefighter
Parker Roberts Fire Lieutenant
Aidan Sheehan Fire Lieutenant
JD Sherrod Firefighter
Davis Sloan Firefighter
Daniel Stancil Fire Lieutenant
Mike Sok Firefighter
Matthew Stone Firefighter
Russell Strutton Firefighter
Lee Tedder Fire Captain
Matthew Toler Fire Captain
Benjamin Watkins Firefighter
Brad Wester Firefighter
Kendall Whitley Firefighter
Michael Weese Firefighter
Ethan Creech Firefighter
Human Resources
Name Position Phone Number
Marcey Bell Human Resources Director
Blake Fields Human Resources Analyst
Kathryn O'Steen Human Resources Technician
Megan Parker Human Resources Technician
Parks and Recreation
Name Position Phone Number
Austin Conner Recreation Activities Coordinator
Victor Davis Athletic Supervisor
JP Lefever Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Programs Director
Armoni Shipman Athletic Supervisor
Andrew Wilkins Parks, Recreation and Cultural Programs Assistant Director
Name Position Phone Number
Ted Beighey Police Corporal
Michael Bishop Police Officer
DeMarco Bizzell Police Officer
Jason Bradshaw Police Lieutenant
Jarred Bridges Police Corporal
Chris Burke Police Sergeant
Thomas Cagle Police Captain
Lawrence Capps Police Chief
Erin Carden Accreditation Manager
Rice Cox Records Clerk
Doug Crough Police Sergeant
Zoe Cruz Community Resources Officer
Courtney Doyle Police Officer
Nichole Edwards Police Officer
Jordan Francis Police Corporal
Ron Fullerton Police Lieutenant
Rod Glahn Police Corporal
Joelle Gonzalez Administrative Assistant
Michael Gray Community Resources Officer
Cody Hagler Detective
Isaac Holliday Police Officer
Matthew Johnson Detective
Kevin Jorgenson Police Sergeant
Elizabeth Kelly Police Cadet
Chandler Koewler Police Officer
Alyssa Lennon Detective
Will Mann Police Officer
Matthew Marderosian Police Officer
Matt Maynard Police Corporal
Dashun Moore Police Officer
Matthew Palanek Police Officer
Terrence Parker Police Officer
Leatrice Patterson Police Cadet
Danny Phillips Police Captain
Travis Price Police Lieutenant
Orlando Soto Deputy Police Chief
Ricky Todd Police Officer
Steven Valerio Police Cadet
Ashley Warner Evidence Custodian
Steven Williams Police Lieutenant
Connor Marshall Police Officer
Ashley Conrad Police Officer
Jennifer Vargas Police Cadet
Public Works
Name Position Phone Number
Stormwater Hotline Stormwater Pollution Hotline
Ike Archer Stormwater Program Manager
Miguel Arredondo Maintenance Worker
Phillip Bunton Public Works Director
Martha Curfman Administrative Assistant - Public Works
Jason Eubanks Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Antonio Jenkins Maintenance Worker
Larry Johnson Assistant Public Works Director
Rex Johnson Maintenance Worker
Dylan Kirk Stormwater Technician
Vonqual Kirtz Maintenance Worker
John Luersen Maintenance Worker
Ed Marquart Maintenance Worker
Jamie Roberson Team Leader
Eddie Reyes Maintenance Worker
John Stover Operations Supervisor
Alan-Michael Tant Maintenance Worker
Victor Scott Maintenance Worker