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Utility Permits

The Town of Knightdale merged its Water & Sewer System with the City of Raleigh in 2006. As such, Raleigh Water owns and operates all public water and wastewater systems that provide service to residents and businesses within the urban service area in the Town of Knightdale. The Town retains authority as to when and where new water and sewer services can be extended to support growth and development within its planning and zoning jurisdiction, subject to conditions in the inter-local agreement. 

  • This is the starting point for developers, engineers, and residences who seek information about water and sewer availability and connection.
  • To find out if water and/or sewer service is available, please email
    • Include the address, what utilities you plan to connect to, and the desired size/type of service
  • Water-only connections may be allowed. Sewer-only connections are generally not permitted, except in specific situations related to public health.
  • Private services must be directly tapped to available public water or sewer main. In cases where this is not possible, public water mains and sewer mains may be extended at the expense of the applicant.
  • Connection to public utilities requires the submittal of an annexation petition into Knightdale Town Limits

Knightdale staff will create applicable utility permits after all required information is submitted.

  • New Construction (Residential & Commercial): The utility permit is created and invoiced concurrently with the building permit(s). Utility permits cannot be issued until City of Raleigh has accepted all water and sewer infrastructure.
  • New Connections for Existing Houses or Businesses: If water and sewer are available and you choose to connect, a utility permit will be created after the Town Council acts on the required annexation petition.
  • Irrigation connections require both a City of Raleigh utility permit (created by Knightdale staff) and a plumbing trade permit (submitted via the Wake County Permit Portal)
  • The permit submittal should include the following information:
    • Site Plan: include location of proposed sprinkler heads, meters, and other system components
      • all heads should be located on private property, not in the public right-of-way
    • Service Type: new line/meter OR a split from existing meter
    • Meter Size: If not using the existing meter, indicate the proposed size of the irrigation meter
    • Contractor Information:
      • Licensed Utility Contractor - required when working in the right-of-way or public easements
      • Licensed Plumbing Contractor
    • Backflow - must be an approved model. See City of Raleigh's Cross Connection Program for additional information.
  • Once Knightdale staff has received all required information, the utility permit will be created and invoiced. Payment options are outlined in the "Utility Permit Payment" section. Fees associated with the plumbing trade permit are invoiced and paid via the Wake County Permit Portal. 

Once the Utility Permit is created and invoiced, the following options are available for payment: