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House Watch Program

Home PictureThe Knightdale Police Department is committed to providing a number of personal services to its citizens. One such service is the House Watch Program. Before leaving town on vacation or business, residents of Knightdale may request their home to be checked by a police officer during their absence. Officers receive information daily concerning active house check requests. The officers then ensure that the home is examined for any obvious signs of burglary, trespassing or theft during their shift.

The benefit of the service is two-fold. First, routine checks of a home by police officers allow any potential criminal activity to come to the attention of law enforcement immediately. The timely discovery of a criminal act then increases the likelihood that those responsible are identified and apprehended. More importantly, the service provides citizens with a peace of mind and builds the type of positive relationship necessary for the police and the community to work together. This service does not guarantee the absolute prevention of property crime from occurring.

Residents can fill out a House Check Request online, or make a request in person by contacting Knightdale Police at (919) 217-2261.