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Advisory Boards


Citizen Advisory Boards are an integral part of local government administration.  Their primary purpose is to provide judicious advice to the Town Council from the citizens' perspective. Advisory Boards are able to devote significant time to specific areas of local government.  These Boards thoroughly discuss, analyze, and evaluate specific issues facing Knightdale. Afterward, they formulate and forward well-developed recommendations to the Town Council for consideration of adoption. In short, citizen participation on Advisory Boards is crucial to ensuring the needs of the community are being met.

Council Members are assigned to serve on Advisory Boards in an ex-officio (non-voting) capacity. The role of these elected officials is to participate in discussions and provide insight into the Town Council's view on topics.

The annual advisory board application period runs from November - January.  During this time, upcoming vacancies will be advertised and interested candidates may apply.  The Town Council may choose to interview candidates at the end of the application period.  Appointments to fill advisory board vacancies typically occur in February of each year.  If mid-year vacancies arise, those will be advertised and the application period will reopen for that specific board.

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