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Veterans Memorial Advisory Board

Veterans Memorial Advisory Board (VMAB) serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Council to review and recommend candidates for permanent inscription on the Veterans Memorial and to advise on opportunities to recognize the Knightdale veteran community.  The roles and responsibilities for this board are as follows:

  • Provide recommendations to Town Council for Veterans to be honored and recognized at the Veterans Memorial Plaza.
  • Coordinate and promote application distribution for the Veterans Memorial Recognition Program.
  • Promote the Veterans Memorial Recognition Program in the community.
  • Carefully review incoming applications and verify information.

Be Informed:

  • The Board consists of seven voting members.
  • Members serve two-year, staggered terms.
  • VMAB meets on the second Monday of every month at 4:00 p.m. from June - December at Harper Park.

Please follow these simple steps to apply for a Citizen Advisory Board.

  1. Review the Citizen Advisory Board Code of Ethics.
  2. Complete the Application below.

The application period has ended.