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Construction Site Runoff Control

Did you Know? 

The number one pollutant by volume in North Carolina is sediment. 

Sediment pollution can be generated from any land or soil disturbing activity such as clearing, grading, or excavating. These activities, which are common elements of the construction process, can accelerate soil erosion during rainfall events. This accelerated erosion can result in the migration of sediment from active construction sites to the Towns stormwater conveyance system, and ultimately our downstream waterways.

Excessive sediment in our streams can negatively impact the health of aquatic ecosystems by clogging fish gills, suffocating small insects, and creating cloudy conditions that reduce the amount of sunlight reaching aquatic vegetation.

The Construction Site Runoff program is designed to limit the amount of sediment pollution generated from active development in Knightdale by;

  1. Providing our development community with guidance on best management practices for erosion control
  2. Conducting plan reviews to ensure all development projects meet the minimum standards for erosion and sediment control
  3. Administering the Towns local Sedimentation and Erosion Control Ordinance to ensure all sites are maintaining their erosion control measures throughout construction

New Development 

The Town of Knightdale administers its own sedimentation and erosion control program within the Town's jurisdiction in accordance with the North Carolina Sedimentation Pollution Control Act of 1973. Land disturbance permits are required for construction sites that disturb an area of 1 acre or greater, or sites that are less than 1 acre within a lager common plan of development. Construction plans are reviewed to ensure all new development projects comply with CHAPTER 96. EROSION AND SEDIMENTATION CONTROL (

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Erosion Control Devices

Erosion Control Devices must be installed to prevent offsite sedimentation from any active land-disturbing activity, REGARDLESS of the size of disturbance. This means all projects, including those not requiring a Land Disturbance Permit, must install erosion control measures that prevent offsite sedimentation to adjacent properties and waterways.

All sedimentation and erosion control plans and measures must meet the minimum standards specified in the most current North Carolina Erosion and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual and the most current Town of Knightdale Standard Specifications & Construction Details.