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Community Relations Advisory Board

The Community Relations Advisory Board (CRAB) serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Council with the purpose of advancing safety, respect, and comfort for all residents. This Board was established to strengthen the community through the promotion of connection and inclusion throughout town. The Board shall serve as a liaison between the community and corporate citizens, Town Council, Town Manager, and the Community Relations Department. The roles and responsibilities of this Board are as follows:

•    Encourage understanding and good will between all citizens, regardless of characteristics, and thus promote the general welfare of the town
•    Report and recommend to the Town Council measures to promote connection and inclusion in the town
•    Act as a purposeful public forum so there will be better communication between all segments of the town
•    Promote peace, understanding, mutual respect, good will, and harmony among all town citizens

Be informed:

•    The Board consists of nine voting members
•    Members serve two-year, staggered terms
•    CRAB meets quarterly on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Please follow these simple steps to apply for a Citizen Advisory Board.

1. Review the Citizen Advisory Board Code of Ethics.
2. Complete the application below.

The application period has closed.