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Stormwater Management

The Town of Knightdale is designated as a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater community. 

The Town's Stormwater Management regulations can be found in Chapter 9: Environmental Protection Standards of the Unified Development Ordinance.


Stormwater - What is it? 

Stormwater includes rainfall, snow melt, and all other forms of precipitation that flows off of driveways, parking lots, roofs and other hard surfaces into the local drainage system. The drainage system includes storm sewers, ditches, culverts, streams and roadside swales that carry stormwater away from roads and private property.

Maintenance on the drainage system includes work on the storm sewers themselves as well as general upkeep on creeks, streams, ditches, culverts and other components of the drainage system.


The Town of Knightdale is a designated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4) Community. 

The NPDES MS4 program was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to limit point source pollution generated from municipalities, tribes, and states that discharge effluent and/or stormwater runoff into waterways. 

The NPDES MS4 permitting program is mandated under the Federal Clean Water Act and delegated to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality for implementation and issuance to local municipalities.

This permit requires the Town of Knightdale to implement a local stormwater management program consisting of six minimum control measures designed to help reduce stormwater pollution.

NPDES permitting regulations have become more stringent over the years, thus forcing cities to expand stormwater management programs.

Stormwater flowing down curb into drop inlet


Stormwater treatment pond


Stormwater discharging into stream.




There are numerous simple steps property owners can take to help prevent pollution within the local drainage system.

  • Avoid dumping yard waste in or near local waterways. Not only is this action illegal, but it also is very detrimental to the drainage system.
  • Do not deposit yard waste in the gutters. Yard waste should be placed behind the curb on the yard side when placed for pick up. 
  • Do not dump oils or any kind of chemicals into the storm drain system.
  • Refrain from mowing to the edge of a waterway that may be adjacent to your property. Heavier vegetation at the edges of the waterway helps to reduce and filter stormwater runoff that ultimately accelerates erosion.
  • Report flooding of areas immediately as there may be a blockage in the storm drain system.

If you observe any kind of the above activities please call the Town of Knightdale's Stormwater Hotline at 919-217-2257.

See mud runoff from a construction site or other area?  The Town of Knightdale now implements its own local Erosion & Sedimentation Control Program.  Please contact our Inspection staff at (919) 217-2250 immediately to report any offsite contamination.

Interactive Stormwater Infrastructure Map

This tool provides access to all of the available geographically referenced data that the Town of Knightdale maintains at this time. More data sets may be added as they are created.