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Proclamation Request

Proclamations are ceremonial documents that typically designate a day, week, or month for a specific purpose. 

Proclamation requests must be submitted through the town’s website at least 30 days prior to the desired completion date. Individuals/organizations are strongly encouraged to file requests as early as possible.  Proclamations will only be issued for Knightdale residents, events, or issues affecting Knightdale residents.

Proclamations may be issued for the following reasons:
• To recognize an action, service, or extraordinary achievement
• To support actions that improve the quality of life in the Town of Knightdale
• To raise awareness of issues that directly affect Knightdale residents
• To recognize and celebrate the 100th birthday of a Knightdale resident

Proclamations will not be issued for any of the following:
• Matters that require taking sides on a political issue
• Matters involving personal convictions
• Matters involving any particular religion
• Commercial purposes (examples include opening of a new business or the promotion of a service or product)

Submit a Proclamation Request