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Public Education & Outreach

The Town of Knightdale has designed a public education and outreach program to help provide educational resources regarding the impacts of stormwater pollution. The content of this outreach is focused around six targeted pollutants that include sediment, litter, illegal dumping and illicit discharge, improper disposal of waste, and nutrient loading (nitrogen) within the Neuse River Basin.


Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP)

The Town partners with the North Carolina Clean Water Education Partnership (NC CWEP) to help provide education and resources regarding issues and challenges facing our waterways.  NC CWEP provides education and outreach materials for all ages, and invests heavily in school resources to help promote a better understanding of practices that impact our water supply.

To receive information or other teaching resources please visit NC CWEP.


Stormwater Booth

You may have seen our stormwater education booth at recent public events!

The Stormwater booth is operated by staff at all town events and is there to provide educational materials regarding household hazardous waste, yard waste and leaf litter, and pet waste to all residents.

Be on the lookout for our booth during all Town hosted events at Knightdale Station Park!

Family reading CWEPs clean water education poster and town event
Council Members and staff at K-Fest in front of stormwater education booth