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There are two methods of annexation permitted by the North Carolina General Statues: Annexation by Petition & Annexation Initiated by Municipalities. 

The Town of Knightdale accepts two types of Annexation by Petition: contiguous annexation and non-contiguous annexation. Contiguous annexations are for properties currently adjacent to land located within the Town of Knightdale corporate limits and are the most common form of annexations.

Non-contiguous annexation allows the Town to annex an area not adjacent to its primary corporate limits when certain applicable standards as set forth in the North Carolina General Statues. 
A non-contiguous area proposed for annexation in Knightdale must meet all of the following standards:

  • The nearest point on the proposed satellite corporate limits must be not more than three miles from the primary corporate limits of the annexing city.
  • The area must be so situated that the annexing city will be able to provide the same services within the proposed satellite corporate limits that it provides within its primary corporate limits.
  • If the area proposed for annexation, or any portion thereof, is a subdivision as defined in G.S. 160A 376, all of the subdivision must be included.

All annexation petitions shall be signed by the property owner and shall be accompanied by a legal metes and bounds description of the site as well as a survey.

There are currently no annexations initiated by municipalities being undertaken by the Town of Knightdale at this time.