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Permitting and Licensing

Prior to constructing a new structure or opening a new business in Knightdale, there may be one or more permitting and licensing requirements that must be met.  Please see the links below for information regarding the various types of permits and licenses that may be required depending on your needs.

Zoning Compliance Permits (ZCPs)

Zoning Compliance Permits are required for all new uses/businesses in Knightdale. This permit ensures that a proposed use is a permitted use within a given zoning district and that all zoning requirement have been met prior to a business locating in Town.

Building Permits

Building Permits are required in the following situations:

  1. Change of Use of a structure (i.e. from mercantile/retail use to an assembly/church use).

  2. If the cost of the structure exceeds $5,000.00.

  3. If the structure exceeds 144 square feet in size.

  4. If any dimension of the structure exceeds 12 feet.

Sign Permits

Prior to erecting any signage, please contact the Development Services Department to determine if a sign permit is needed. Most new signs do require both a Sign Permit and a Building-Sign Permit prior to installation. A sign permit can be issued only for businesses that have obtained their Zoning Compliance Permit and submitted any other necessary permits.