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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Council on issues relating to the planning and coordination of recreational and cultural programs, parks, special events, and other leisure activities for the citizens of Knightdale. The roles and responsibilities for this Board are as follows:

  • Provide recommendations on the development, planning, maintenance, and operation of existing and future public parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers, greenways, and other recreation facilities that are owned, operated, or planned by the Town of Knightdale.
  • Recommend priorities for the programs and facilities in order to assist the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Programs Director in preparing and submitting an annual operating and capital budget to the Town Manager.
  • Investigate and determine the needs and interests of the community for recreational and cultural programs and facilities and make recommendations to meet those needs;
  • Promote a policy of recreational and cultural programs consistent with community needs and the Town of Knightdale's budget.
  • Promote a policy of providing recreational and cultural programs for all stakeholders regardless of age, gender, or physical ability to the extent it is practical.
  • Serve as volunteers for all Knightdale special events.
  • Recommend programming policies to the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Programs, Director, Town Manager, and Town Council.

Be Informed:

  • The Board consists of five voting members.
  • Members serve two-year, staggered terms.
  • PRAB meets quarterly on the fourth Monday at 6:00 p.m. at Harper Park.

Please follow these simple steps to apply for a Citizen Advisory Board.

  1. Review the Citizen Advisory Board Code of Ethics.
  2. Complete the application below.

*There are no vacancies at this time