Knightdale Strategic Plan


The Town of Knightdale has a specific vision for its future. 

Strategic Plan Cover

Knightdale, with robust input from all of its stakeholders, has developed a proactive strategy to augment its citizens' future quality of life. 

The Knightdale Strategic Plan is the Town Council's overall guiding framework for activities and operations moving forward. North Carolina state law charges the Council with the responsibility to adopt policies that set the general direction of the Town.  Strategic planning provides clarity, direction, and focus, with a forward-looking emphasis.  These beneficial areas are crucial to high-growth environments.

Knightdale Strategic Plan
The Knightdale Strategic Plan was adopted on November 20, 2019.  The plan's purpose is to communicate clearly the message of "who we are and what we want our Town to be in the future."  It is built around five, essential priority areas (or Focus Areas) that are vital to ensuring Knightdale's future.  They were identified and defined after ample public input.  The following Focus Areas serve as the foundation for service delivery decisions, capital investments, and other initiatives:

Strategic Focus Areas
Our strategic plan is designed to be a living document to ensure Knightdale's future.  As such, it is the starting point for all decisions of the Town Council.  The Council's primary responsibility is to improve the quality of life for its citizens and this plan provides the roadmap to reach that destination.  Local governments protect and augment the quality of life for its citizenry through two primary areas: service delivery and capital investments.  Measuring service delivery performance and completing necessary capital projects are the action components of the Knightdale Strategic Plan.

Annual Implementation Plan
The Annual Implementation Plan outlines the capital investments and other initiatives that the Town Council will accomplish in the current fiscal year.  These investments are identified, prioritized, and mutually agreed upon during the Council's annual retreat.  Each investment is adopted as a component of the annual budget through a Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

Annual Performance Management Report
The Annual Performance Management Report demonstrates what the Town is doing to achieve the Focus Areas' objectives as viewed through a service delivery lens. This report provides insight into service delivery efficiency and effectiveness.  Performance management provides the Town Manager the necessary data to routinely monitor service performance.  The data also provides insight into areas of needed improvement and/or additional investment(s) to ensure citizen satisfaction.

All of these pieces working together provide the overall framework for the direction of the Town of Knightdale moving forward for the betterment of future generations.