Knightdale Jurisdiction Information

Where is Knightdale’s Jurisdiction?

Have you ever wondered why your mailing address includes a Knightdale ZIP code, but your residence is not considered to be inside the Town’s corporate limits?

While it is often assumed that properties with addresses that end with Knightdale, NC 27545, are located within Knightdale’s jurisdiction - that is not always the case.

In the link below, Knightdale’s jurisdiction is illustrated in blue (Corporate Limits) and gray (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction - ETJ). The remaining area outlined of these colors may be part of the 27545 ZIP Code – yet not within the Town’s jurisdiction.

According to the United States Postal Service, a “ZIP” code is an acronym that stands for "Zone Improvement Plan.” By definition, it is a system of postal codes used by the USPS to assign geographical areas for postal delivery. These codes are usually assigned to areas as they relate to the nearest Post Office. For more information about ZIP codes, visit

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What is an Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)?

North Carolina General Statue §160A-360 grants municipalities the authority to exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Properties within the ETJ of Knightdale are under the development regulations (zoning, subdivision, building, etc.) of the Town of Knightdale but are not within the Town’s corporate limits. Whereas, when a property is within the Town’s corporate limits, it must follow all Town Codes and Ordinances.

The Town of Knightdale currently extends its ETJ two miles from the primary corporate limits. The Town strives to provide excellent service to all residents including those within the ETJ, but certain services are limited. For example, the Town does not provide police or fire protection inside the ETJ, except through mutual aid. Further the Town does not pick-up trash or yard waste in the ETJ.

The map link below shows the Town corporate limits and ETJ. Residents can utilize the map to determine if their property is inside the Town Limits, ETJ, or County and click on the Town corporate limits and ETJ for contacts for services.




Immediately adjacent to the corporate limits

Adjacent or satellite

Maximum size of ETJ based upon population

No size limitation

Initiated by the Town; submitted to the County for approval; public hearing held by the Council to adopt ordinance setting ETJ and defining boundary

Initiated by all the property owners of the property as described in the petition; submitted to the Council; public hearing held by the Council to adopt annexation ordinance

ETJ is static; meaning it does not change after it is adopted.

Annexation is dynamic; meaning the physical boundaries of the Town limits changes when the Town Council approves an annexation request.

Town Boards & Committees – may serve on the Town’s Land Use Review Board/Board of Adjustment as an ETJ member Citizen of the County

Town Boards & Committees - may serve on the Town Council or as an in-town member on any Town board or committee Citizen of the Town and County

Taxes - County

Taxes – Town and County

Elections - Vote in county, state, and federal elections

Elections - Vote in municipal, county, state, and federal elections

Ordinances – Only Town of Knightdale land use ordinances apply – Unified Development Ordinance (zoning, subdivision, building and development codes).

Except for land use, planning, and inspections; services such as law enforcement and animal control are through the County.

Ordinances – All Town ordinances apply

Citizens of the Town may receive services such as police, animal control and leaf collection.