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ZMA-5-20 Allen Park Planned Unit Development

T. Everett Nichols 
6208 Battleford Dr. Raleigh, NC 

In favor.

Jim Harris
104 Penley Circle Raleigh, NC

In favor. Allowing for smart, sustainable growth is something our community can do well (where other areas of the country have fallen short). While the golf course has served the community for years, the time has come for the operators to answer the call for the growing housing need. Allen Park will be a wonderful community treasure offering green space and parks! This property is well located to serve the growing Knightdale/ Raleigh community in that it feeds into many thoroughfares connecting the Triangle.

Nicole Ellington
1924 Hadley Rd. Raleigh, NC

In opposition.  Don't want the golf course to be rezoned into townhomes.

Michael Deveaux
813 Steamboat Street

In opposition.  I’m a part time retiree who looks forward to recreational golf and plays the course 3 days a week. I think this is one of Knightdale’s gems. Wil-mar is more affordable than other courses in the area. As a senior Knightdale citizen I hope this proposal is rejected. There are many new homes and construction projects going on around the same area. We need to preserve our recreational spaces.

Glenn McMahon
7509 Wilderness Rd. Raleigh, NC

In opposition.  Loss of this course would be detrimental to the area

Andrew Livengood
4400 Oak Park Rd. Raleigh, NC

In opposition. Please do not allow the golf course to be converted. There are fewer and fewer municipal courses in the area. Before long there won’t be any left. Isn’t there already enough traffic on Old Milburnie as is? And with the new development (540 West, I think) it’s about to get worse.

Sharon Jones
3905 Manly Farm Rd. Wake Forest, NC

In opposition

Terry Hughes
10 Twin Rock Ct. Louisburg NC 

In opposition.  I and many others oppose the destruction of Wil-Mar golf course to make room for the proposed townhomes and other items described. This construction would in our opinion both detract from the positives of the Knightdale community and surrounding area. This is one of the finest and most inclusive public golf courses in the Triangle. Please feel free to contact me if more information is needed. Thank you.