William H. Pope



Official Military Title: Private 1st ClassArmy Seal

Date of Birth: 06/12/1932

Branch of Service: Army

Dates of Service: 02/26/1954 - 02/24/1956

Dates Veteran lived in Knightdale: 06/12/1932 - 10/07/2013


William H. Pope was born and raised in Knightdale, NC. He served in the US Army for 2 years. He was a devoted husband and father of four children. In his early years, he was an avid rabbit hunter and loved raising beagles. Later, he enjoyed fishing in local ponds and at the coast. William was a faithful member of Bethlehem Baptist Church his entire life. He enjoyed farming for his occupation and raising produce for local neighbors. He served as a member of the Knightdale Volunteer Fire Department for 27 years. He was also known as "Doodle" Pope.