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Public Involvement & Participation

The Town of Knightdale encourages public involvement and participation in stormwater management by participating in the Clean Water Education Partnership's Regional Creek Week, promoting NCDOTs statewide Litter Sweep Program and local NCSU workshops, and hosting local litter sweeps here in Town. 

Creek Week

The Clean Water Education Partnership's annual creek week is designed to engage the public on the importance of clean and healthy waterways. The Town promotes CWEP activities across the state, and host various events here in Town. More information regarding CWEP and their Regional Creek Week can be found here: CWEP Regional Creek Week 2023 | Water Connects Us – Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP) (

NCDOT Litter Sweeps 

Traditionally scheduled for the last two weeks of April and September, Litter Sweep is the N.C. Department of Transportation’s biannual statewide roadside litter removal initiative. Residents throughout the state participate in local efforts to help clean up North Carolina's roadways. For more information on the event and how to register, please visit NCDOTs website NCDOT: Litter Sweep

Town Litter Sweeps

The Town host annual litter sweeps to help promote public awareness of litter and its impact to stormwater and our drainage systems. Keep an eye on the Towns event calendar and social media for upcoming events.