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How can I safely dispose of unneeded prescription medications?

Through a grant provided by CVS, we are able to provide a Prescription Medication Drop Box in the PD lobby, located at 979 Steeple Square Court.  The drop box is accessible Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.  Please contact us if you need to arrange for after-hours drop off.

Accepted Items:

Unused or Unwanted Prescription medications

NOT Accepted:

Needles or other “sharps”
Hazardous waste
Personal care products (e.g. nonmedicated shampoo, soap, etc.)
Vitamins and Supplements
Empty containers/excess packaging
Over the counter medications

How do I obtain a firearm purchase permit or concealed carry permit?

The Wake County Sheriff's Office issues concealed carry and purchase permits.  Information on the application process can be found on the WCSO website.

I need to be fingerprinted for a job. Can I visit the police station to have this done?

Unfortunately, public fingerprinting is not a service provided by the Knightdale Police Department. In Wake County, this service is provided by the City-County Bureau of Identification.

How do I file a restraining order or domestic violence protection order against someone?

The process of obtaining a court order against someone can be a lengthy. There are several steps involved and it requires specific, determined action on your part. The Wake County District Attorney’s Office has a team of domestic violence advocates who can assist you with this process. The required judicial forms can also be accessed online and downloaded for use.

Does the Knightdale Police Department handle animal complaints?

If you report an animal complaint to the station or through 9-1-1, an officer will meet with you to take your complaint. The Knightdale Police Department will take reasonable measures to protect its citizens against vicious animals. However, most animal complaints are best resolved by reporting them directly to animal control where a team of specially trained officers can investigate and resolve most animal related issues.

I received a traffic ticket, but I forgot my court date. How can I found out when I’m supposed to go to court?

Court calendars can be accessed online. Here, you can perform a simple search to find out when you are scheduled to be in court.

I am new to Knightdale and I want to learn more about town ordinances related noise, parking and juvenile curfew. Is this resource available online?

Yes. The Town of Knightdale maintains a database of its town ordinances online. There are several search features built in that allow citizens to find the information they are seeking.

I received a warning ticket for a traffic violation. How do I handle this?

Warning tickets usually require you to comply with some provision of the law. In many cases, the warning ticket may need to be signed by a police officer verifying that you have satisfied a requirement of the law; such as replacing a broken headlight. If you have a warning ticket that needs to be signed, simply visit us at the station, and one of our officers will be happy to validate the warning ticket.

How can I go about renewing my vehicle registration or driver’s license?

There are several DMV and licensing offices near Knightdale. You can also renew your vehicle registration and handle a number of other driving related matters online.

How can I found out if my child is still required to ride in the car with a booster seat?

North Carolina law requires that children be appropriately restrained while riding in vehicles. The requirements vary based on the age and weight of the child. The police and fire departments also have several members who are certified to install and inspect child seats. Visit Buckle Up NC for more information about seat belt and child restraint laws in North Carolina.

 How can I go about complimenting an officer or filing a complaint?

The Knightdale Police Department is committed to building strong relationships within the community. As such, we welcome your compliments or complaints regarding officer performance. Complaints or compliments are generally directed to the on-duty supervisor. Members of the public may visit the station, or call our non-emergency number at 919-217-2261 and request to speak to a supervisor. Citizens may also email Deputy Chief Orlando Soto the details of their compliment or complaint to the agency.