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Virtual Athletic Drills & Resources


The Town of Knightdale Parks, Recreation and Cultural Programs is excited to announce the release of our new virtual athletic drills and resources.

In the comings days you will find resources to help youth athletes work on their skills in various sports without leaving home.

Please check back for more details as our programs become available!  


Baseball Tutorials:

3 simple baseball fielding drills

Baseball Workout for Hitters:

3 essential Baseball hitting drills for Kids

Baseball Catching Drills & Techniques for Catcher




Softball Tutorials:


Softball Pitching Drills for All Ages 

Infield Play Drills

How to hit a softball: The stance and Grip

Hitting Basics



 Basketball Tutorials:

Dribbling Drills

Shooting Drills

Rebounding Drills

Defensive Drills