New Public Works Facility

In December of 2018, the Town of Knightdale began construction on a new
Public Works Operations Center. The new facility is now open and ready to
support the expanding needs of Knightdale residents.

The former Public Works building located on Robertson Street, had
approximately 1,500 square feet of space. That small facility allowed the
Public Works Department to serve the community for many years, but was
not adequate for the growing needs of Knightdale.

The new, energy-efficient Public Works facility, located at the intersection of
Bozeman Drive and Great Falls Court, includes 12,000 square feet of interior
space. The new automotive shop behind the building contains two vehicle
lifts; doubling the capacity for Town-owned vehicle maintenance. The new
warehouse allows staff to keep equipment safe and covered. With the
additional space, the Town will be able to purchase and store products like
brine, salt, and fertilizer at bulk rates, lowering costs.

Due to OSHA regulations, the large equipment, and the type of work
happening at this facility, it is not open to the public.

The Public Works Department is excited about the new facility
and looks forward to continuing their exceptional service to the Town
of Knightdale!