Mayor Roberson Recognizes Teachers and Students at June Town Council Meeting

Pictured Above: Mayor Roberson, Sue Proctor, Sharon Roach (Husband),                                                                                                                                 Traci Behrendt, Renee Pope, Principal Zoler 


Mayor James Roberson and Lockhart Elementary principal Daniel Zoler recognized staff members retiring from Lockhart Elementary for their long service to education and to the Knightdale community. In presenting each teacher with a certificate of recognition, the Mayor stated,  "You have done so much for us, and it is greatly appreciated. On behalf of the Town of Knightdale, Town Council, myself and the Knightdale community, thank you for your commitment to education, and your commitment to the children of this community."  Their certificates read "On this momentous occasion of your retirement from the Wake County Public School System as Kindergarten Teacher of Lockhart Elementary School.  The Town wishes to recognize your dedicated service to the students of Knightdale and wish you health, happiness, and continued success in the years to come."

Lockhart Elementary staff members recognized included:

East Wake Middle School Awards
Casey Duryea, Angela Winter, Melissa Levandowski, Shelby Hernandez, Principal Beaulieu, Darian Miller, and Mayor Roberson.
  • Renee Pope - Lead Secretary
  • Traci Behrendt - Curriculum Specialist/Teacher
  • Sharon Roach (who was represented by her husband) - Music Teacher 
  • Sue Proctor - Kindergarten Teacher

Mayor Roberson and Principal Rebecca Beaulieu honored 4 fine arts teachers and 2 students from East Wake Middle School as well. Their Certificate of recognition was to recognize teachers and students who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for their fellow teachers, and fellow students. Principal Beaulieu stated, "I can't tell you the turn around that they have made in our school.  We didn't even have chorus, and now we are planning to have advanced chorus. We are winning superiors in band competitions, and our dance program used to be a program students took because it was all that was left.  Now we have many students choosing dance, and are learning dance from around the world". Pricipal Beaulieu also called up the students honored stating, These young ladies represent the most well rounded young ladies. They come get theannouncements ready..they are so responsible.  Thank you".  Mayor Roberson said "On behalf of the Town Council, Staff, and the entire Knightdale community, we want to thank you for what you do in terms of education...It is nice to see that we have a strong arts presence in the eastern Wake community".

East Wake Teachers and students recognized include:


  • Julie Brown - Art
  • Casey Duryea - Band
  • Angela Winter - Chorus
  • Melissa Levandowski - Dance


  • Darian Miller - 8th grade
  • Shelby Hernandez - 8th grade