Mayor Roberson Meets with Local Businesses - Knightdale Mayor's Listening Tour


KNIGHTDALE - Mayor James Roberson met with three businesses on his Mayor's Listening Tour this month. The Mayor and staff from Development Services, Knightdale Police, Town Administration, and the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce first met with Sheila Prosser of Dreamcoat Ministries. 

Dreamcoat MinistriesThe mission of Dreamcoat is to serve people in the communities of eastern Wake County that are affected by homelessness, poverty, and natural disasters.  Their thrift store is located in Knightdale on Knightdale Boulevard, behind Bojangles. They typically stock clothes for infants, children, and adults in many different styles. You can also find toys, books, luggage, jewelry, and crafts/gifts at great bargains! If you are interested in supporting Dreamcoat, please visit their website for more information on how to contact them and their programs.

new cuts barber

The Mayor and staff then met with New Vision Cuts Barber Shop.  New Vision is a local shop that is ingrained in the Knightdale community, providing a place for locals to go get a great cut, and talk about what's happening in town.  Many of the barbers there are involved in the community from football coaches, to community helpers.  Police Chief Lawrence Capps was able to speak with them about a possible partnership cultivating positive relationships between the Police Department and the community.

Oil and Vinegar tap roomAfter meeting with New Vision, the Mayor and staff headed down to Wagco Oil and Vinegar Tap Room, where Robert Wagner and his wife have a great store specializing in supplying consumers with the freshest, highest quality products on the market.  They do the work to find the best Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars and Spices so you don't have to.