Knightdale Veterans Day Celebration and Memorial Dedication November 11th!


KNIGHTDALE - The Two Green Thumbs Garden Club of Knightdale, the Town of Knightdale Council and Staff, and local veterans will be celebrating Veterans Day this year at Knightdale Station Park on November 11th, 2018 at 1:00 PM.  The Town will unveil the new Veterans Memorial, which is meant to recognize the important contribution of our veterans and all servicemen and women. "This project is intended as a public display of our support," said Jonas Silver, Public Information Officer for the Town.

The Veterans Day Celebration is a long-standing local tradition, headed by the Two Green Thumbs Garden Club of Knightdale, where the Garden Club has been honoring veterans and their contribution to their country.    The Town partnered with Two Green Thumbs this year to move the current Blue Star Memorial to its new site at Knightdale Station Park. Council and staff also assisted Two Green Thumbs in receiving approval for a Gold Star Memorial to be erected at the new site as well.  “We want to include a space at Knightdale Station Park that reflects our support of the military,” Stated Town Councilor Pete Mangum. “The memorial offers our residents a place to gather and reminds us of the sacrifice of our soldiers.” 

Knightdale Veterans Memorial Construction
Construction of the Veterans Memorial and Stage at Knightdale Station Park is almost complete!

The Knightdale Veterans Memorial will be the only memorial in North Carolina with both a Blue and Gold Star memorial.  Blue Star Memorials recognize veterans of the United States

Armed Forces and Gold Star Memorials recognize fallen soldiers and their families, for their service to our country.

The Knightdale Veterans Memorial building is a double-sided stage with the front-facing the Knightdale Station Park Pavilion, which will hold expanded entertainment options for Knightdale residents and visitors.  The side facing the memorial and street will be a smaller stage and will be able to seat approximately 250 people within the plaza itself. It will be available to residents and visitors to reflect and honor our veterans, as well as provide a space for smaller local events.