Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community

Knightdale Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community

The Mayor works tirelessly with the Town Council to continually improve the leadership and direction of our town. 

One of his initiatives has been honoring those who give back to the Town of Knightdale. This is why he decided to create the Knightdale Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community.

Whether it is through volunteerism, support of our various community events, or providing other services to Knightdale, these good samaritans are helping to solidify Knightdale as one of the best places to live, work, and play. 

2019 April Mayors Award Recipients

According to Money Magazine, Knightdale is one of the top 100 Best Places to Live in the United States.  This recognition is only one of the many accolades Knightdale has received.  We are very proud to see what we have become as a community.  We look forward to our continued prosperity in the future.

The Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community was created to celebrate those individuals in our town that have a demonstrated commitment to Knightdale through their efforts to make our community better.

Each of their various efforts have made a difference. Whether it is building a new business, supporting neighbors, volunteering in our schools, ensuring support programs in Knightdale are a success, their dedication is the fabric of our community.

They have made a difference. It does not matter how great or how small, they make Knightdale better.

2019 Spring Mayor's Award For Commitment To Community Recipients

Tammy Sherwood Richards

Born and bred in Knightdale, Tammy Richards has dedicated her life to public service.  Whether through her employment with the Department of Transportation in leveraging resources during critical incidents, such as Hurricane Florence, supporting our troops while volunteering with the USO, or championing our local police department, Tammy Richards is a true servant to others.  Most notably, Tammy’s love for our law enforcement officers is evident in her thoughtful and caring nature.  Tammy bakes for our officers on a regular basis. 

During storms, she is known to cook large pots of chili and during the holidays, she extends an open invitation for all working personnel to join her family for dinner at her home.  She helped decorate the police department at Christmas, even making handmade ornaments for each officer.  She coordinated the Citizen’s Academy float in the Christmas parade for the last two years.  She has strong faith, love, and admiration for the boys and girls in blue and works to help others come to appreciate the work that law enforcement officers do.  In 2017, she attended the Citizen’s Police Academy and since then has remained a strong advocate for the program, soliciting new students each year and serving as a course coordinator and liaison.

Tammy spent all her life in the Knightdale community, raised by her grandmother, Rada, and then taking care of her until she passed away.  When Rada was in a nursing home, Tammy volunteered there, often hosting Bingo for the residents. 

She serves our community in a variety of different ways, from ordering chicken plates for local sports team or serving as a Range Master for local firearms fundraisers.  There are several things near to Tammy’s heart- her family, firearms, and freedom.  Tammy is married to her husband, Gregg. Together, they have one son, Cameron who is married to his lovely bride, Christie. 

Tammy has tremendous passion for personal safety and enjoys shooting firearms. She is a Well-Armed Woman Instructor and District Representative.  In addition, she is a patriot- celebrating and honoring everything American, volunteering at the July 4th event at Knightdale Station Park and raising the flag to honor our vets.  Tammy is truly a Knightdale Champion and we would like to thank her for her commitment to the Knightdale Community.

Calvin & Kimberly Collins

Calvin and Kimberly Collins have been residents of Knightdale for fourteen years.  They have three wonderful children: CJ, Karia, and Karington.  Calvin Collins is a Product Engineer for IBM who enjoys photography and has graciously volunteered his time and skills to many of our Knightdale events, including the Arts and Education Fest.

Kimberly Collins is a licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and the Executive Director for BAREUP, a non-profit youth organization that serves the Knightdale community.  This past Christmas, BAREUP distributed over 100 toys in partnership with Toys for Tots to Knightdale Elementary School children and their families. 

BAREUP is currently preparing to provide the younger residents of Knightdale with educational activities in Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Mathematics. The Collins family is a wonderful example of Commitment to Community!

Darrell Tennie

Darrell Tennie is the founder and CEO of The Tennie Group, LLC – a tax and accounting firm here in Knightdale built on integrity, honesty, and the highest standards of professional ethics.  Mr. Tennie earned his Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness from South Carolina State University and a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development from Webster University. 

A staple in our community, Mr. Tennie is actively engaged in building entrepreneurship and business development as well as educating and empowering his clients.  Mr. Tennie has been a long-time supporter of our Knightdale Arts and Education Fest and we are grateful for his passion to make Knightdale a better place.  For that and many reasons, we would like to thank him for his commitment to the Knightdale community.

Lisa Greene (Zaxbys)

Our next recipient is very enthusiastic about her job!  Lisa Greene is the Area Marketing Director for Zaxby’s and has a positive energy that is contagious.  Ms. Greene loves her job and is always willing to go above and beyond to support the Knightdale community. 

Zaxby’s is a co-sponsor of the Knightdale Parks and Recreation Annual Daddy/Daughter dance, providing meals, decorations, and gifts. Last year, Ms. Greene and Zaxby’s arranged a successful food distribution event, in partnership with the Eastern North Carolina Food Bank, which gave away approximately 11,000 pounds of food to over 300 Knightdale families.  

As a participant in last year’s Arts and Education Fest, Zaxby’s provided a scholarship award to a deserving Knightdale High School Senior.  At any given Town event, Ms. Greene may show up to surprise the Town of Knightdale’s hardworking staff and volunteers with a tray of food and words of encouragement.

We are grateful to have such a vibrant member of our community who is passionate about her work and takes pride in serving others. Thank you to Zaxby’s, and specifically Ms. Greene, for your commitment to community.

Michael Wiggins

Michael Wiggins is a Senior at Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design.  He is a member of the National Honor Society and the Varsity football team.  He is a true role model to his younger brother and I know his parents must be very proud of him.  In addition to attending school and participating in sports, Mr. Wiggins always finds time to volunteer in the community. 

He has volunteered time with Rise against Hunger, Teen Court, and currently at Forestville Road Elementary School in the After-School Program.  Mr. Wiggins is passionate about supporting his community and assists The Care Depot at Knightdale High School by organizing donation drives and raising funds to support the organization’s efforts. 

In just two short years in Knightdale, this young man has made a tremendous impact on our community.  Mr. Wiggins plans to attend North Carolina A&T State University in the fall to major in psychology. Your commitment to community is appreciated Mr. Wiggins.

Jarrious Lassiter:

Jarrious Lassiter is a Senior at Knightdale High School.  As a member of the band, Mr. Lassiter has performed at the Knightdale Arts and Education Fest, Tree Lighting Ceremony, and Christmas Parade.  Mr. Lassiter also participates in quarterly elementary school tours with the Knightdale High School band.  Also, a member of National Honor Society, Mr. Lassiter volunteers his time working with youth at Forestville Road Elementary School. 

Mr. Lassiter shared with Town staff that “community involvement is something that I value because it helps me understand that I shouldn’t only be focused on my own success, but the success of others as well. In serving others, one can see that they are able to make an impact on someone else’s life.” 

Jarrious plans to pursue a degree in civil engineering at either UNC Charlotte or NC State University in the fall.  Mr. Jarrious, thank you for being a wonderful asset to our Knightdale community.

Jason Brown:

Jason Brown is the Senior Planner for Long Range Planning with the Town of Knightdale. Jason is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a North Carolina Certified Zoning Official, and holds two degrees from East Carolina University; a bachelor’s in Urban and Regional Planning and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Jason has also attended the Municipal Administration Program at the UNC School of Government.

Jason and his wife Jordan have two children, Oliver (5) and Emma Meyer (3). Jason and his family moved to Knightdale last year, but Jason has worked for the Town for 4 years. He is a volunteer coach with East Wake Soccer and Knightdale Recreation Baseball.

As the Senior Planner – Long Range for the Town of Knightdale, Jason has managed a full Comprehensive Plan Update, which was recently adopted. He has managed the process which resulted in receiving grant funds to help reduce tax payer cost for the Mingo Creek Greenway Extension which includes the planning and design of the greenway, allowing Knightdale Station Park visitors walking and biking access to Mingo Creek Park, and the Greater Raleigh Greenway System. Jason is also nearly complete with the John Rex Endowment Grant which has supported many pedestrian and safety enhancements around Town.

For all of his tireless work and support, we would like to thank him for his commitment to community.

Charlie & Dena Silver:

In the 1970’s, as they were setting in place plans for the upcoming I-540 intersection at Highway 64, now Knightdale Boulevard, engineers came through the property of Midway Plantation. There they met Charles Hinton Silver, Jr. Charlie listened and considered the plans for the highway. He recognized that the road was planned to cut through his yard, property that was on the National Historic Register, but that the coming Highway development would support the Town of Knightdale’s growth as well.

Charlie made a significant decision to save the historic buildings originally built in 1848, by moving them.  He was sure that The Shoppes at Midway Plantation development would benefit Knightdale’s future growth, and the move would preserve the history of the Town.

Charlie and Dena have opened their home up to Knightdale in many ways. Charlie gives historic tours and Dena tells ghost stories when a Town bus comes on an historic tour led by Billy Wilder.

For five years, they’ve hosted the Elected Officials event arranged by the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce. This event is often the first introduction to Knightdale for many officials throughout Wake County and the State of North Carolina.

Individually, Dena and Charlie have served the town on committees, selection panels and boards. Charlie helped select our new Town Manager and lent his guidance to the decisions made during the Long-Range Planning process.

Dena has served three years on the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Programs Board. She has helped to increase the United Arts grant which brought us $7,500 for the Knightdale Arts and Education Fest at Knightdale Station Park.

Most recently, we are proud to say that Charlie played an important role in the completion of the Knightdale Veterans Plaza. Charlie, a United States Marine, brought together members of other branches of military service to assist in a design for the plaza that honors our veterans.

For their service to the Town of Knightdale, we would like to thank them for their commitment to community.

Pamela Hooks & Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels has served those in need since 1974, and Wake County’s program is currently the largest program in North Carolina. They deliver hot meals and a visit to one thousand three hundred clients Monday through Friday every week. Nationally, one in six seniors struggle with hunger, and with millions more struggling with loneliness, the Meals on Wheels program provides a great service.

Pamela Hooks is the Coordinator for the Knightdale Meals on Wheels.  She organizes volunteers from all around Knightdale to come out once or twice a month delivering about ten hot meals to local seniors each.  It is a worthwhile cause, and the Town of Knightdale appreciates everything they do for our residents in need.  The Town of Knightdale would like to recognize Pamela and the Knightdale Meals on Wheels Team for their commitment to the Knightdale Community.

Jeff Tucker

Jeff Tucker is currently a financial advisor for the local Edward Jones office here in Knightdale. Jeff is a native of Wake County and wouldn’t choose any other area to work and raise his family. Mr. Tucker has done exceptional work professionally, supporting the financial well-being of Knightdale residents, but he has also made his time and energy available for many local projects to better the Knightdale community.

Jeff has been on the Board of Directors of the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce, supporting the needs of local businesses. He also served the Chamber as the Economic Development Chair. Jeff is a founding member of the newly assembled Rotary Club of Knightdale, assisting in growing the group and quickly solidifying it as a driver for community service and support in Knightdale. He also worked with the Town of Knightdale, Wake Tech Community College, The Knightdale Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club of Knightdale to create and grow Launch Knightdale; the first Entrepreneurship training program in Knightdale.

Throughout his 24 year career as a financial advisor, Jeff has assisted many businesses and residents of Knightdale with their retirement planning, but he has also contributed to the growth of this Town.  That is why we want to recognize him for his commitment to the Knightdale Community.

Bryan Ryan:

Bryan Ryan serves as the Senior Vice President of Effectiveness and Innovation for Wake Technical Community College. As a senior leader, he has been instrumental in strengthening and establishing relationships throughout Wake County to create access and opportunities for both students and potential students at Wake Technical Community College.

As part of Wake Tech teams that partnered with Wake County Public Schools, he contributed to the planning and launch of the Wake Early College of Health and Sciences as well as the Vernon Malone College and Career Academy.

He has been instrumental in enhancing educational opportunities in the eastern wake community; which includes working closely with our high schools, friendship city initiative, as well as Knightdale’s arts and education festival; which provides resources and scholarship opportunities for members of the eastern wake community.  Thank you , Mr. Ryan, for your commitment to the Knightdale Community.

Linda Coleman:

Growing up in Eastern NC, Representative Linda Coleman learned the value of hard work on tobacco farms during the summers. For college, she attended NC A&T, and earned a master’s degree in Public Administration.  After serving as a teacher, Ms. Coleman served under Bev Perdue as the Director of the Office of the State Personnel.  She has also been a Wake Tech Community College Board Member and continues to be very supportive of the NC Community College System.

She has been a pillar in our Community for over 35 years, and as a champion for health education, support of programs to fight obesity, build a strong and educated workforce, and many other community programs, she represents the best of Knightdale.

As a teacher, Human Resources Professional, the first African-American Female Wake County Commissioner, and three terms in the General Assembly, she has done so much for our Town, County, and State.  For that we would like to honor her for her commitment to community.

County Commissioners:

The Wake County Board of Commissioners enacts policies such as establishment of the property tax rate, regulation of land use and zoning outside municipal jurisdictions, and adoption of the annual budget. Sig Hutchinson, Matt Calabria, Jessica Holmes, Susan Evans, James West, Greg Ford, & Vickie Adamson server on this board, and work hard to support many community programs throughout Wake County.  Through the Wake County Human Services – Eastern Regional Center, where the public is able to be engaged in the outreach by County and other programs, to the most recent Transit Bond, which enables Knightdale the grow our ability to manage the traffic and population growth in our area.

Their support of programs, like the expansion of the Mingo Creek Greenway to Knightdale Station Park, connecting Knightdale to the Greater Wake County Greenway System, to Forestville Rd. Athletic Park, which will be the premier facility for recreational sports in Wake County.

Many of them have also contributed directly to the success of the Knightdale Arts and Education Fest through sponsoring scholarships for local Knightdale High School graduates.

They have also assisted all 12 local municipalities in addressing education, economic development, health & wellness initiatives, and affordable housing. For that and many other reasons, we would like to thank them for their commitment to our community.