Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community

Knightdale Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community

The Mayor works tirelessly with the Town Council to continually improve the leadership and direction of our town. 

One of his initiatives has been honoring those who give back to the Town of Knightdale. This is why he decided to create the Knightdale Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community.

Whether it is through volunteerism, support of our various community events, or providing other services to Knightdale, these Good Samaritans are helping to solidify Knightdale as one of the best places to live, work, and play. 

According to Money Magazine, Knightdale is one of the top 100 Best Places to Live in the United States.  This recognition is only one of the many accolades Knightdale has received.  We are very proud to see what we have become as a community.  We look forward to our continued prosperity in the future.

The Mayor's Award for Commitment to Community was created to celebrate those individuals in our town that have a demonstrated commitment to Knightdale through their efforts to make our community better.

Each of their various efforts have made a difference. Whether it is building a new business, supporting neighbors, volunteering in our schools, ensuring support programs in Knightdale are a success, their dedication is the fabric of our community.

They have made a difference. It does not matter how great or how small, they have Knightdale better.

2017 Mayor's Award For Commitment To Community Recipients

Bishop Jasper Wilkins 

Bishop Wilkins has been an integral part in Wake Chapel Church’s participation with the Town of Knightdale.  He has led initiatives that have strengthened the relationship between the Town and its citizens.  Bishop Wilkins is a strong advocate for education and healthcare.  He has organized many community oriented programs such as donating scholarships to the Town’s youth, hosting the Chambers Business Expo, and partnering with community outreach nonprofits to reach Knightdale’s citizens in need. 

Billy Wilder

Former Mayor, Billy Wilder has served the Town of Knightdale his entire life.  He has demonstrated faithfulness to the Town’s past, present, and future.  Mr. Wilder has served on the Town Council and various boards and committees.  He has contributed valuable historical documents and irreplaceable knowledge.  His support has allowed the Town to expand its amenities and better serve its citizens.  The Town of Knightdale is grateful for Billy’s continued commitment to community. 


Wake Stone Corporation

Wake Stone is a long time stakeholder in the Town of Knightdale.  Aside from bringing business to the Town, Wake Stone generously gives back to the community. This company has quietly taken a large role in expanding the Town’s capacity to serve its citizens.  Through its commitment to bettering the quality of life in Knightdale, Wake Stone has proved to be a consistent and reliable benefactor to the Town and has made many contributions to our community.

Gellie Hinton

Ms. Gellie Hinton has worked with the Town for two years.  She can always be seen at Town events with a smile on her face and a contagious personality.  Ms. Hinton has never met a stranger and makes everyone around her feel special.  Gellie is very passionate about her job.  She goes above and beyond for the Town and its citizens.  We have been honored to not only have Gellie as an employee, but to call her a friend.

Mike Wheless

Mike Wheless, a popular radio personality from WQDR, has time and again supported the Town of Knightdale, both privately and publicly.  Over the past several years, Mike has become known as a reliable and willing advocate for Knightdale.  He often volunteers to promote the Town and its events on his radio program at no cost to Knightdale citizens.  Mike Wheless goes above and beyond to support this Town and all its accomplishments.  

Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club has been an integral part of this community for many years.  They pride themselves on their history, providing a positive role model for youth, and finding ways to give back to the community.  Buffalo Soldiers has exceeded their goals here in Knightdale.  From providing scholarships to local youth to attend college, to redefining what a motorcycle club is and can be.  The Town would like to thank the Buffalo Soldiers for giving of themselves to the citizens of Knightdale and always being one of the first to ask, “How can we help?”.


UNC REX Healthcare has been heavily committed to supporting the Town of Knightdale through Town events, investing in the health infrastructure of our community, and proving superior service to citizens and staff.  This includes educational programing and volunteering at Town events in order to focus attention on health and wellness in our daily lives. 

Barbara Schulz

Barbara Schulz is a town citizen who has been instrumental in organizing our Community Watch Program.  Not only has this program been recognized as one of the best in the state, but other communities have benchmarked their programs using our model.  Ms. Schulz has continued to be engaged in our community through frequent updates, partnering with our Police and Fire Departments, and engaging citizens and neighborhoods to make Knightdale a safe place to live. 

Chi Rho Omega Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

The Chi Rho Omega chapter of the AKA Sorority has been a wonderful support structure for the Town.  These ladies are always organized and ready to help in any event or area of need.  You will have seen the works of this group around town through their beautification initiatives, providing volunteers and donations at Town events, and giving to the local schools through donations and service – just to name a few.  The Chi Rho Omega chapter stands among those who are always poised and ready to lend a helping hand. 

Santa Clause (James Gilliam)

James Gilliam, or as you all know him, Santa Clause has been a fundamental part of our community.  He embodies the holiday spirit here in Knightdale, bringing joy to its citizens.  Families have grown to love this man through his dedication and magnetic personality. 

WakeMed Health & Hospitals

WakeMed Health and Hospitals has been a meaningful part of the Town of Knightdale community for a long time. They have consistently provided service to Knightdale residents not only through health and wellness, but also through volunteering at community events and educational programing.  Through their support, WakeMed has proven time and again that they are committed to bettering the quality of life for our citizens.

Operational Managers - Chris Hills, Suzanne Yeatts, and Lawrence Capps

During a transitional period for the Town of Knightdale, three of our staff members stepped up to ensure a continuation of Town business.  In the absence of a Town Manager, Suzanne Yeatts, Chris Hills, and Chief Lawrence Capps worked collaboratively to take on additional leadership roles in the Town’s leadership.  Their dedication improved moral, increased efficiency, and provided opportunities to enhance customer service.