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Water Allocation Policy

The first Water Allocation Policy Ordinance was adopted by the Knightdale Town Council in 2008. The Town Council realized how limited and valuable our water resources were and implemented the Water Allocation Policy, which is a inclusive ordinance to ensure the following goals are met:

  • Ensure a diversified tax base and housing supply
  • Promote diversity of housing available to a wide cross section of citizens of diverse socio-economic backgrounds
  • Promote economic viability and sustainability by providing for retail and other commercial development
  • Achieve a tax base of 60% residential and 40% commercial/industrial
  • Encourage construction of dwellings in Knightdale of an appraised tax value approaching averages found in other communities across Wake County

The Water Allocation Policy Ordinance is a document that guides development. This is the first resource a developer should consult. As the document states, "qualification for water allocation is judged by: the level of developer investment, anticipated increases in the Town's ad valorem tax base, construction and dedication of public infrastructure, provision of employment opportunities for Knightdale citizens, provisions of diversified housing stock, preservation of open space, protection of existing tree canopy, conservation of existing habitat and the provision of recreation amenities for current or future Knightdale residents."

The Water Allocation Policy is reviewed each year and is amended by Town Council when necessary.