Utilities Information: COVID-19

Duke Energy:

Duke Energy is temporarily suspending disconnections for nonpayment and waiving late payment fees effective March 21. There are currently no fees to use credit/debit cards

To help residential customers who may not be able to leave home during the pandemic, Duke Energy has worked with their vendors to waive fees for credit or debit card payments effective March 21. They are also waiving fees for late-payments and returned checks and have suspended disconnections for all customers.

Business customers can take advantage of several free electronic payment options, including electronic fund transfer or electronic data interchange (EDI). You can learn more on their website.

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City of Raleigh Public Utilities:

In response to the expanding COVID-19 public health emergency, Raleigh Water is temporarily suspending all water service disconnects due to non-payment of City of Raleigh utility bills. During this time, they want to ensure all Raleigh Water customers have access to clean drinking water and wastewater services. They will continue to monitor guidance from public health agencies and will provide updates on this policy moving forward.

To help limit person-to-person interactions during this current State of Emergency, we encourage customers to avoid paying bills in person by using alternate payment methods, including by mail, their online portal or by calling 919-996-3245.

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Dominion Energy:

Dominion Energy will not shut off your power or gas for nonpayment. People rely on Dominion to meet critical needs, and they should not have to worry about losing service during this critical time. They have suspended all service disconnections as individuals, families, businesses, and communities pull together to meet our collective needs. They know the communities they serve rely on Dominion to provide an essential service. They remain committed to providing reliable energy service 24-7.

Dominion Energy is reconnecting residential customers whose services were shut off. If your service was previously shut off for nonpayment, please contact Dominion Energy and they will work with you to restore your service.

Dominion Energy is here to help. For everyone’s safety, they ask customers who pay bills in person to choose one of the other options provided, including online bill payment; payment by mail; credit card or debit card payment; and automatic bank draft. They encourage you to use their online digital tools and automated phone option for routine self-service and 24/7 account access, as call wait times may be longer than usual.

If you are facing financial difficulties, please contact Dominion Energy. You may be eligible for short-term payment extensions and long-term payment assistance. They also provide tips on how to lower your bill.

For those customers who face a severe financial strain, Dominion Energy offers energy assistance.

Dominion Energy COVID-19 Information

Wake Electric:

Wake Electric will not disconnect for nonpayment at this time, late fees will still apply for late payments. Wake Electric encourages its members to continue to make payments during this time so that they can avoid late fees and to keep their balance from getting too large to handle.

Wake Electric COVID-19 Information