Community Resource Officer

A Community Resource Officer (CRO) performs necessary law enforcement functions on local school campuses. This function includes proactive crime prevention, conducting criminal investigations, making arrests when necessary, developing intervention strategies, and crisis planning. 

Generally, the school campuses in Wake County are assigned School Resource Officers (SRO) from the Wake County Sheriff's Office; however, the Knightdale Police Department has assigned a full time officer to serve as the CRO for Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design. The CRO handles most criminal issues on campus and performs a number of other tasks dealing with campus safety. Individuals wishing to learn more about our Community Resource Officer and the associated duties may contact Officer Rod Glahn.

The Officer is instrumental in providing a safe environment conducive to the learning process. Students and faculty have a heightened perception of safety due to the work of the CRO. The CRO functions as a mentor, a positive role model and a friend. The CRO also works with the staff and administration to develop and deliver educational programs related to substance abuse, gang awareness and knowledge of the law. 

The Knightdale Police Department in conjunction with Knightdale High School is pleased to announce the opening of the Knightdale High School Tip Line.

The Tip Line is an initiative to promote information sharing between KHS students, staff and the Police Department to improve the safety and security at Knightdale High School.  These tips can be provided anonymously or in person.

Please use the Tip Line to report any suspicious activity, crimes, and any other matters that would jeopardize the safety of all who attend Knightdale High School.

Knightdale High School Tip Line: 919-217-5350 Ext. 25159