Baseball/Softball Fields

Knightdale Baseball Fields

101 Byran Chalk Lane
Knightdale, NC 27545

Rental hours
Call office for availability

Restrooms, lights, bases, parking, and two batting cages

Baseball/Softball Fields (per hour for each field) Residents $40/hr | Non-residents $60/hr
Baseball/Softball Fields (flat free for 1/2-day rental of 4-6 hours) Residents $150 | Non-residents $160
Baseball/Softball Fields (flat fee for rental for over 6 hours) Residents $225 | Non-residents $250
Game/Tournament Full Complex Rental (per day) Residents $1,600 | Non-residents $1,600
Game/Tournament Single Field Rental (per day) Residents $400 | Non-residents $400
$50 refundable deposit


FieldBase PathFence Use Type
Field 190 ft370 ft13+ Baseball
Field 250-70 ft275 ftSoftball
Field 360-70 ft200 ft12 and under baseball
Field 460-70 ft 200 ft12 and under baseball