Stations and Apparatus

The Knightdale Fire Department is responsible for protecting the lives, property, and the environment of the citizens and visitors to the Town of Knightdale. Competent personnel are intensively trained to respond to a variety of emergencies including structure fires, motor vehicle accidents/rescue incidents, hazardous materials incidents, and natural and man made disasters. In addition, the Fire Department delivers fire and life safety education to the community. 

The department responds to call of service out of two stations. The department has 43 active members: 13 full-time and 30 Limited Service/Volunteer Employees. Members respond to calls for service in 3 engines, 1 ladder truck and 1 utility truck. The fire division currently runs 1,848 calls for service annually.

The insurance rating for the Town of Knightdale is determined by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, Office of State Fire Marshal’s Public Protection Rating Program. This program is based on the principle provider of insurance underwriting, rating and statistical information to the insurance industry in the United States (Insurance Services Office –ISO). One of the key information elements that insurers use in the underwriting and rating process for property insurance policies is ISO's classification of a jurisdiction's fire protection delivery system. Information regarding the fire department, water supply, fire alarm system, and fire protection area boundaries are critical to insurers providing insurance coverage to citizens of a community. The Town of Knightdale Fire Department is currently rated a protection of 3. For more information on this process please refer, to the North Carolina Response Rating System.


Station One – 967 Steeple Square Court Knightdale, North Carolina 27545 (919) 217-2271

The main station is centrally located in Knightdale on Steeple Square Court. The building is located in front of Knightdale Town Hall and Wake County Library. The station is staffed 24/7 with four career personnel supplemented by fire volunteers. Three Class A Engine’s, one ladder truck, and one utility truck are housed in this station.

Station Two – 306 Robertson Street Knightdale, North Carolina 27545

This station is located in downtown Knightdale and houses a Class A Engine for Fire Response.

Station Tours

The fire department offers station tours and fire safety talks to citizens and visitors of the Town of Knightdale. It is best that you call and schedule an appointment to ensure that personnel will be at the station and available to take you on the tour. You may schedule a tour by dialing, (919) 217-2271 or by Filling Out Our On-Line Station Tour Inquiry Form.


The department operates four Class A Engines, one ladder truck, and one utility truck.

Engine 131 – 2017 Spartan Metrostar: 1500 GPM Pump. 750 gallon tank. Unit responds out of Station #1 as the first out apparatus. Equipped with fire suppression equipment and Rescue equipment. 

Engine 132 – 2007 Pierce Engine: 1500 GPM Pump. 750 gallon tank and a 30 gallon foam cell. Unit responds out of Station #1. Equipped with fire suppression equipment and equipment to operate at the scene of a motor vehicle collision, equipment commonly referred to as the “Jaws of Life”.


Engine 134 – 2006 Pierce Engine: 1500 GPM Pump. Unit responds to all structure related incidents in the response area.

Ladder 135 – 1998 Pierce Ladder Truck: 105’ Ladder, 1500 GPM Pump
Unit responds to all structure related incidents. Unit is equipped with a ladder, a pump, and a variety of service equipment.

Antique Parade Apparartus- 1972 Mack: 1000 GPM Pump

Car 1- 2020 Ford Explorer

Car2- 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe

Car 13 – 2005 Ford F-250

Truck 138- 2016 Ford F-150

Our apparatus are also equipped with BLS (Basic Life Support) medical equipment. Our units respond to medical incidents within the town limits and also respond as closest station response to areas outside town limits

Mission Statement

“To build partnership with the community in an effort to provide fire suppression and prevention in order to promote safety and security to all those who live, work and visit.”