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 Mingo Creek Greenway Extension Design 12/30/16 2PM RFQ Info
400-03 John Rex Endowment Grant Pedestrian Improvements 01/09/17 2PM RFQ Info
411-12 Wayfinding Signs Fabrication and Installation 5/6/2016 2pm EDT Bid Sheet
560-19 I-540 Interchange Maintenance Specifications 4/1/2016 2pm EDT Bid Sheet
620-16 Advertisement for Bids - Knightdale Station Park Water Tower 3/6/2016 2pm EST  
560-18 Town Hall Air Handler Unit #1 and #2 Replacement 9/18/2015 2pm EDT   
511-21 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus - Fire Dept. 11/16/2015   Tab Sheet
560-17 Uniform Services 7/15/2015 10am EDT  
560-16 Cleaning Services 6/5/2015 4pm EDT  
M2015-001 Parkside Commons Drive Resurfacing 4/30/2015 2pm EDT Tab Sheet
622-11 Art/Needle Arts Classes     4/6/2015 12-Noon EDT  
620-12 Arts and Crafts Instruction for Summer Camp         4/6/2015 12-Noon EDT  
411-11 Graphic Design for Wayfinding Signs 5/18/2015 4pm EDT Tab Sheet
620-15 Outdoor Park Signs 5/25/2015 2pm EDT  

 560-20  Fawn Ridge Stream Stabilization  11/3/2016  2pm EDT  Tab Sheet
 560-20  I-540 Interchange Maintenance  2/3/2017  2pm EDT  
 560-21  Knightdale Blvd Median Maintenance  2/3/2017  2pm EDT  
 560-22  Mingo Creek Bridge Repair  2/9/2017  2pm EDT  Bid Sheet


 Landscape Services Contract 01/12/18

 2:00 PM

 Bid Advertisement (Revised 01/05/2018)Questions Revised 01/05/2018
18-4190127 Knightdale Station Park Phase  III 01/22/18 3:00 PMBid Advertisement  Bid Opening will be Monday, January 22nd at 3:00 PM due to Inclement Weather
18-6200187Pool Management Service - Knightdale Community Pool4/13/20182:30 PMBid Information  Pre Bid Meeting 4/5/2018
 18-6200128Knightdale Station ParkDowntown Village Project 6/1/2018 5:00 PM Bid InformationNotice Pre-Submittal Meeting Revised RFQ/Bid Date
 18-6200129 Heating, Ventilation@ Air Conditioning (HVAC) Maintenance Services6/1/201812:00 PMBid Information  
 18-6200130Municipal Stormwater and Engineering Services 6/15/20182:00 PMBid Information
 Harper Park Improvements8/7/20182:00 PMBid Information


Brent Quick
Purchasing Agent