Stormwater Management


The Town of Knightdale is designated as a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater community. 

The Town's Stormwater Management regulations can be found in Chapter 6: Environmental Protection of the Unified Development Ordinance.


Stormwater includes rainfall, snow melt, and all other forms of precipitation that flows off of driveways, parking lots, roofs and other hard surfaces into the local drainage system. The drainage system includes storm sewers, ditches, culverts, streams and roadside swales that carry stormwater away from roads and private property.

Maintenance on the drainage system includes work on the storm sewers themselves as well as general upkeep on creeks, streams, ditches, culverts and other components of the drainage system.


NPDES stands for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, which is a permit program administered by individual states that controls water pollution by regulating point sources (e.g. pipes and manmade ditches) that discharge pollutants into public bodies of water. NPDES permitting regulations have become more stringent over the years, thus forcing cities to expand stormwater management programs.

Check out this informative Fact Sheet from the Environmental Protection Agency

Stormwater Control Measure owners, as stated the Town's Unified Development Ordinate Chapter 6, Section 6.4F, are required to submit annual inspections of measures.  For more information on inspections, submittals, and applicable forms please follow the link for Stormwater Inspection Forms.


The Town partners with the North Carolina Clean Water Education Partnership (NC CWEP) to help provide education and resources regarding issues and challenges facing our waterways.  NC CWEP provides education and outreach materials for all ages, and invests heavily in school resources to help promote a better understanding of practices that impact our water supply.

To receive information or other teaching resources please visit NC CWEP.

Additional Links:

North Carolina State University Stormwater Engineering

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There are numerous simple steps property owners can take to help prevent erosion of the local drainage system.

  • Avoid dumping yard waste in or near local waterways. Not only is this action illegal, but it also is very detrimental to the drainage system.
  • Do not deposit yard waste in the gutters. Yard waste should be placed behind the curb on the yard side when placed for pick up. 
  • Refrain from mowing to the edge of a waterway that may be adjacent to your property. Heavier vegetation at the edges of the waterway helps to reduce and filter stormwater runoff that ultimately accelerates erosion.