Sign Permits

Most sign types require an approved sign permit in order to erect them in the Town limits or in the Town's Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Monument signs, wall signs, awning signs and many other sign types require a Sign Permit to be submitted for review. In order to be approved, all signs must comply with Knightdale's Unified Development Ordinance requirements, specifically Chapter 12.


Unless specifically exempted under UDO Chapter 12.4, all proposed permanent signage requires a zoning compliance sign permit. Additionally, most signs also require a commercial building permit for installation.

The following are required for a sign permit review:

  • Application submitted via the Electronic Plan Review Portal
  • $75 processing fee
  • A proof or rendering of the sign showing color, materials, dimensions
  • Walls signs require building elevations showing facade measurements (overall height and width) and the proposed signage imposed on the facade (must be to scale)
  • Monument signs require a site/plot plan identifying the sign location
  • A valid Wake County Permit Portal account

Once submitted the sign will be reviewed to ensure it meets the Town's sign ordinance. The building permit application will be reviewed concurrently to the zoning review.  The cost for the sign's building permit is calculated during the sign permit review. The applicant will be notified of the building permit fees once both the zoning review and building permit review are completed.  The sign permit will not be issued until it is determined that the sign complies with all zoning and building code regulations.



You may apply for a temporary banner permit for special events or grand openings. Banners shall be permitted for no more than four (4) events per calendar year with a maximum time period for each event of 14 calendar days. This is applicable to both commercial and non-profit community events.

Please note that the all signs are prohibited from being placed in the public right-of-way. 

Don't forget to reference Knightdale's prohibited signs ordinance and permitted signs that do not require a permit!


Apply for a Sign Permit through the Town's online portal: