Current and Upcoming Development Projects

Public Hearing Information

Most development projects require a Public Hearing as part of the approval process. If you would like to provide a comment on any projects currently on the Town Council public hearing agenda, please either submit online using the Public Comment form   or provide your comment in person at the scheduled public hearing meeting.

Interactive Development Map

Click the map and links below to learn more about existing and new developments in Knightdale. 

Current & Upcoming Development

In an effort to inform residents of current and upcoming projects throughout the Town of Knightdale, the Development Services Department has compiled a regularly updated list of projects. Please check below for up to date information on each project.

608 N First Avenue Restaurant (ZMA-4-20)

On November 18, 2020, Town Council approved a Conditional District Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan for a 4,726 square foot restaurant on 1.04 acres at 608 N First Avenue. The approved Neighborhood Mixed Use Conditional District (NMX-CD) included  several restrictions specific for this...

Allen Park Planned Unit Development (ZMA-5-20)

On April 21, 2021, the Town Council approved a Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan to allow for a 624 lot residential development at the current Wil-Mar Golf Course site on Old Milburnie and Forestville Roads. The approved plan includes both townhomes and single-family homes, amenities...

Bethel Moldovian Baptist Church (ZCP-7-21)

The owners of 704 Old Knight Road have submitted a master plan for a proposed 12,400 square foot, 299 seat religious institution on 4.4 acres. The site is currently zoned Highway Business, which permits religious institutions by-right. The applicant is required to follow the ...

Bojangles Remodel (ZMA-2-21)

Bass, Nixon, and Kennedy Inc., on behalf of Tri-Arc Food Systems, Inc. and Bojangles, submitted a master plan and zoning map amendment to allow for the redevelopment of the Bojangles restaurant at 7525 Knightdale Blvd.  The Town Council approved the proposal on July 21, 2021, which...

Brio Planned Unit Development (ZMA-9-21)

The Town Council approved a Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan to allow 900 single-family, townhome, and multi-family units along Buffaloe, Old Crews, and Lucas Roads.  The plan includes some age-restricted lots and several acres of commercial space along Buffaloe Road. The request...

Camden Park (ZMA-8-21)

A proposed townhome development on approximately 9 acres features 74 lots. The site is currently zoned UR-12, however a rezoning is being pursued to ensure compliance with the spirit and intent of the UDO and Comprehensive Plan.

Clifton Road Residential (ZMA-5-22)

A proposed development feature 97 single-family lots on 32 acres. The site is currently zoned Rural Residential, requiring a rezoning before Town Council.

Creekview Crossing (ZMA-5-21)

Town Council approved a request for a 283 unit development consisting of single-family homes, townhomes, and multi-family units located on 102 acres off Widewaters Parkway. This site was rezoned from Rural Transition to General Residential 3 Planned Unit Development. A virtual neighborhood...

Downtown North (ZMA-13-22)

A proposed mixed-use development on approximately 90 acres that features 468 single family, townhome, and condo units, along with approximately 100 apartment units, up to 500,000 square feet of commercial/retail space, and various amenities including a community park.  The applicant...

Eastgate 540 Building #7 (ZMA-10-20)

Advanced Civil Design, on behalf of Trinity Capital Partners, submitted a plan for a new warehouse/storage building at the Eastgate 540 Industrial Park. The Master Plan, approved by Town Council on June 16, 2021, contains a 204,000 square foot warehouse located on approximately 20 acres at the...