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Protecting wildlife and promoting biodiversity are essential components of sustainable governance. Knightdale is home to a diverse array plant and animal species. Read below to learn how you can contribute. 

Knightdale signed onto the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge in 2022 through the National Wildlife Federation. As the monarch butterfly population has decreased by exceptionally high numbers, 90% for eastern populations and 99% for western populations, the Mayors’ Pledge has worked to protect this species. Knightdale is dedicated to educating the community and cultivating safe habitats for pollinators, which are crucial for healthy ecosystems and are responsible for creating one out of every three bites of food.


Request Free Milkweed Seeds

  • Plant milkweed, other nectar-producing plants, and ornamental grasses in your garden and yard

  • Ensure plants are in rotation throughout fall, spring, and summer

  • Focus on planting native species 

  • Limit the use of chemicals and pesticides

  • Leave some area in the ground unplanted for nesting bees, as well as dead tree trunks

  • Have bee baths and bee housing to foster healthy habitats for pollinators

  • Post on social media about the importance of pollinators and their protection

The Town of Knightdale encourages sustainability by promoting vital ecosystems and wildlife. Citizens of Knightdale can help by working to protect migrating birds. This can be done by turning off unneeded lights at night that cause birth deaths. Additionally, removing plants from windows and adding tempera paint or decals can limit bird injuries. Adding bird baths and feeders can make yards more welcoming for birds.

The Town of Knightdale encourages citizens to plant native trees. By planting native species, it is ensured that they will be resistant to local weather and not become invasive species. This also works to protect biodiversity within our community and state.


The Town of Knightdale has also been a Tree City USA since 2001! This program encourages the protection of trees in urban areas for environmental growth. 


Approved Canopy Tree List       Tree Planting Diagram