Old Town Advisory Committee

The Old Town Advisory Committee (OTAC) was established as an advisory committee to the Town Council in 2007 following the completion of the Old Town Knightdale Small Area Plan. Membership consists of seven members who are residents or property owners within the Plan’s study area or the neighboring Wil-Ros subdivision.  You may view the current OTAC roster here.  Interested citizens are encouraged to file an application for appointment with the Town Clerk. Presently, the OTAC meets as needed monthly on the second Thursday at 7 p.m. in the conference room at the Chamber of Commerce, 207 Main St. 

The OTAC has four main advisory powers and responsibilities:

  • To initiate, promote and assist in the implementation of programs for public improvements in the Old Town area;
  • To initiate, promote and assist in the implementation of community involvement activities, financial incentives and technical assistance programs that would benefit residents, entrepreneurs and property owners in the Old Town area;
  • To direct the attention of appropriate Town officials to needed enforcement of any ordinance in the Old Town area; and
  • To interface with Town staff to discuss hearings and cases affecting the Old Town area and to formulate advisory statements for conveyance by the OTAC chair of other designated OTAC member to the Town Council as appropriate.