Community Policing Advisory Board

The Knightdale Police Department believes that fair, objective input from the community it serves can be beneficial in ensuring that the agency maintains high professional and performance standards. The Community Policing Advisory Board is an advice-giving entity which acts as a liaison between the community, the Police Department, and Knightdale government.

The Police Department and Town Council are specifically seeking involvement from the local clergy, residents, and business owners to form a board that is representative of the community at large. The selection process will focus on identifying representatives from each of these groups as well as placing an emphasis on the involvement of young adults as stakeholders. 

The creation of the Community Policing Advisory Board requires a sincere, personal commitment of time and effort. Interested parties should have specific ties to the Knightdale community and be willing to serve in their capacity as Board members for at least two years. Members will elect three Board officers who should be willing to commit to an additional year of service. Applicants with extensive criminal records, active warrants or legal processes or those with registered sex offender status will not be considered for appointment.

The Governance Rules can provide additional information pertaining to the rules, procedures, and policy for this advisory board.

This board meets the second Thursday of every other month at 7 p.m. beginning in January. Current board members can be viewed here. If you are interested in serving on the Community Policing Advisory Board or would like more information regarding this board, please contact the Town Clerk or complete the application below:

Community Policing Advisory Board Application

Additional questions should be directed to Chief Lawrence Capps at 919-217-2262 or by email

Council Liaison: Councilor Mark Swan