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Applications and Fees

Applications & Petitions

 Zoning Applications Building Permit Applications
 Administrative Appeal Application Building Permit Application-Commercial
 Annexation Petition Building Permit Application-Manufactured Home
 Livestock/Domestic Fowl Permit Application Building Permit Application-Residential
 Master Plan Application Contractor Add/Change Form
 Sign Permit Application Lien Agent Permit Information Form
 Street Name Approval Application Mechanical (Trade) Permit Application
 Temporary Banner Permit Application Worker's Compensation Affidavit
 Variance Application 
 Zoning Compliance Permit Application 
 Zoning Map Amendment Application 
 Zoning Text Amendment Application 



Fees & Submittal Schedules

Interested in calculating your project costs? Please reference the Development Fee Schedule (pdf)/ Development Fee Schedule (Excel) and the Building Permit Fees.

For projects requiring Town Council, Land Use Review Board, or Development Review Committee approval, applications shall be submitted in accordance with the 2017 Submittal Schedule.

Helpful Guides


If you have any questions related to the Zoning Applications or Development Fee Schedule, please contact Chris Hills at (919) 217-2240.

If you have any questions related to the Building Permit Applications or the Building Permit Fees, please contact Donna Tierney at (919) 217-2244.