Yard Waste

Knightdale crews are happy to collect yard waste at the curb. Please take the following steps to ensure that your items are collected quickly: 

  • All yard waste shall be placed behind the curb for collection by Zone, starting at Zone 1 on Monday at 7am. Collection is not guaranteed for anything placed at the curb after this time.
  • The amount of debris to be collected affects our workflow, so we cannot predict which day we will reach your home; however, every street is serviced once a week.
  • Except during "Leaf Pickup" season, all yard waste (grass, leaves, small debris) must be placed in clear plastic bags. Bags that are over 30 lbs. or  too heavy to be picked up without breaking will not be collected. 
  • Due to safety concerns and following policy set by Wake County and City of Raleigh Solid Waste Collection we can no longer accept yard waste in black bags.  The Town will accept paper bags as these can be mulched.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Limbs must be no longer than 8 feet. They should placed in neat piles behind the curb. They should not have a diameter greater than 8".
  • No Tree stumps. 
  • Contractor waste is not accepted.  Your Contractor should make arrangements to haul waste offsite.
  • Please keep items away from traffic and utility poles, boxes, etc. The Town cannot attempt to collect waste which is around or near obstacles using the knuckleboom truck.
  • Yard waste collection runs February through October 26th. Loose leaf collection runs October 29 through February 1st 2019.  The Loose Leaf schedule may be found by clicking on "Leaf Pickup" in the menu to the left.
  • In some cases, we may be chipping up the debris on the spot, so please remove any foreign debris or trash.

Knightdale Yard Waste and Leaf Pickup Days By Zone

Click OK on the map below and enter your address to find out your Zone:

Please have your yard waste and leaves by the curb by:

BLUE ZONE/ZONE 1 - Monday Morning at 7:00 AM

ORANGE ZONE/ZONE 2 - Tuesday Morning at 7:00 AM

GREEN ZONE/ZONE 3 - Wednesday Morning at 7:00 AM


You may find the Loose Leaf Schedule by clicking on "Leaf Pickup" in the left side menu above.