If your trash or recycling has not been picked up on the correct day, please contact us at 919-217-2212. To request a recycling bin, call Waste Industries at 919-662-7100 or sign up online. Thanks!

Recycling is collected at the curb every Tuesday. Roll-out containers must be removed from the curb the night after trash/recycling is collected (usually on Tuesdays).They may be placed at the curb no earlier than noon the day before. Violators may be fined $20 for each incident.

 Acceptable Items

  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Aluminum foil (no food residue)
  • Cereal boxes and other paperboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Glass (green, brown and clear)
  • Juice boxes
  • Junk mail and catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Paper milk cartons
  • Plastic bottles (Numbered 1-5)
  • Shoe boxes and other paperboard
  • Six-pack rings
  • Steel food cans
  • White paper

*Please keep paper dry. Also, please rinse recyclable items that may contain food residue. 

Unacceptable Items

Waste Industries will not accept the following items for curbside recycling:

  • Frozen food trays
  • Margarine containers 
  • Pizza boxes
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic wrap 
  • Stamps and stickers in junk mail 
  • Styrofoam 
  • Yogurt cups