Parks, Greenways, and Facilities

The Town of Knightdale playgrounds at Mingo Creek Park and Knightdale Station Park are now open. Public restrooms at Knightdale Station Park are open from 7:00 a.m. until dusk daily. Public restrooms at Harper Park are open from 8:00 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily. 

The Harper Park playground will remain closed due to construction work for storm water and erosion control at the park. 

For the safety of yourself and those around you, we request that visitors to Knightdale playgrounds:
1. Please make sure to maintain social distance. 
2. Please wear your mask.
3. Please wash and sanitize hands. 

Parks and Greenways in Knightdale include Knightdale Station Park, Knightdale Community Park, Environmental Park, Mingo Creek Park and Harper Park.

Harper Park
207 Main Street 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Knightdale Community Park
101 Bryan Chalk Lane 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Environmental Park
950 Steeple Square Court 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Knightdale Station Park
810 N. First Avenue 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Mingo Creek Park
100 Parkside Commons Dr. 
Knightdale, NC 27545