Christmas Celebrations

 Tree Lighting and santa's tour!

Virtual Christmas Tree Lighting

SANTA ALERT! This Saturday, December 5th, at 5:00 PM, Santa will join the Knightdale Town Council for the Knightdale Virtual Christmas Tree Lighting!

Though we can't gather in person, we hope that you will join us on the Knightdale Facebook Page, the Knightdale YouTube page (, or on this page. We will have great entertainment from the Cross Point Worship Band and The Dance Center of Knightdale. Then, stay for the Christmas Tree lighting by Mayor Roberson, Town Council, and of course, SANTA! 


On Saturday, December 12th, between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM, the Town of Knightdale is pleased to host the 2020 Santa Tour! The Knightdale Police, Fire, and Parks & Recreation Departments will be escorting Santa, as he rides through Knightdale neighborhoods, bringing cheer and Season's Greetings to all! 


Please scroll down to find your route number, neighborhood map, and estimated time of arrival. Though we will be unable to go down every street, our goal is to be able to get to as many residents as we are able.  Please practice social distancing if you are out on the streetside/sidewalk.



Route #1

Subdivision/AreaEstimated Time of Arrival
Poplar Creek

9:00 AM

Cheswick9:15 AM

9:40 AM

Mingo Creek10:00 AM
Princeton Manor10:20 AM
Langston Ridge10:45 AM
Legacy Oaks11:00 AM
Planters Walk11:10 AM
Park Stone11:40 AM

Route #2

Subdivision/AreaEstimated Time of Arrival
Berkshire Park9:00 AM
Beaver Dam9:10 AM
Edenburghs Keep9:25 AM
Pebblebrook/Maplewood9:35 AM
Emerald Pointe9:45 AM
Knightdale Station Cottages and Station10:15 AM
Olde Town10:35 AM
Glenmere Forest10:50 AM
Faison Drive/Park Avenue11:05 AM
Myrick Downs/Brookwood/Carrington Woods11:15 AM
Parkside Commons11:30 AM


Route 1

Poplar Creek - 9:00 AM

Poplar Creek

Cheswick - 9:15 AM


Churchill - 9:40 AM


Mingo Creek - 10:00 AM

Mingo Creek

Princeton Manor - 10:20 AM

Princeton Manor

Langston Ridge - 10:45 AM

Langston Ridge

Legacy Oaks - 11:00 AM

Legacy Oaks

Planters Walk (part 1, 2, and Lauren's Way)- 11:10 AM

Planters Walk 1

Planters Walk 2

Lauren's Way

Parkstone - 11:40 AM



Route 2 

Berkshire Park - 9:00 AM

Berkshire Park

Beaver Dam - 9:10 AM

Beaver Dam

Edenburghs Keep - 9:25 AM

Edenburghs Keep

Pebblebrook / Maplewood - 9:35 AM

Pebblebrook / Maplewood

Emerald Pointe - 9:45 AM

Emerald Pointe

Knightdale Station Cottages & Station - 10:15 AM

Knightdale Station

Knightdale Station

Olde Town - 10:35 AM

Olde Town

Glenmere Forest - 10:50 AM

Glenmere Forest

Faison Drive / Park Ave. - 11:05 AM


Myrick Downs/Brookfield Station/Carrington Woods - 11:15 AM



Parkside Commons - 11:30 AM