Zoning Compliance Permits

Leasing an Existing Tenant Space

For all business owners who are leasing a space in an already developed building, there are several steps that need to occur before you open your doors for business.  First, you will need to determine if your business is allowed in your desired location.  Excellent resources to begin your research are Wake County IMAPs  and the Town of Knightdale Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). By using IMAPs, you are able to determine the zoning of the property and then cross reference the zoning with the UDO's Use Matrices Table in Section 2.3(C) to determine if your business would be permitted at that location. 

Once you have determined that the use is permitted, you have to apply to the Town of Knightdale for approval.  Complete and submit the Zoning Compliance Permit application to the Town of Knightdale Development Services Department. Depending on the use, modifications to the tenant space may be required and you would need to apply for a building permit.  If you desire to make changes to the exterior of the site, contact the Development Services Department to discuss those modifications and determine what approval process is required. 

 If you desire either an exterior wall sign or a monument sign, please click here to review the process and ordinances.

 As always, Town of Knightdale Development Services Staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

Home Occupations

If a home occupation is the best option for you at this time, it is necessary to determine whether or not your particular use is permitted as a home occupation. Prior to operating a small, accessory business from your home, please contact the Town of Knightdale Development Services Department to determine if a home occupation is permissible.  Home occupations are regulated by the Town of Knightdale Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and depending on your proposed business, it could also be regulated by other local, state or federal agencies as necessary.

If permitted, it will be subject to additional standards, which are available here.  Please also check with the property owner, property manager or Homeowners' Association (HOA) to determine if they will allow you to operate a home occupation from your residence.

All home occupations are required to submit a Zoning Compliance Permit and demonstrate how the use complies with the additional standards.