Flood Plain Management

The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) designates floodplains based upon the frequency of potential flooding. The Town of Knightdale is responsible for regulating development within those floodplain to meet local and federal ordinances and regulations.  The Town's floodplain ordinance prohibits development in designated flood-prone areas to protect property owners and allow those floodplains to function naturally. Flood insurance and federal assistance such as mortgage loans and grants are only available in communities that participate in the National Floodplain Mapping Program and have a floodplain ordinance that meets federal standards.


floodplain is that land which has been or may be covered by floodwater during a storm event. The floodplain includes the floodway and floodway fringe areas.

The floodway is the channel of a river, stream or drainageway, and those portions of the floodplain adjoining the channel required to carry the runoff from a storm event. The floodway is the most dangerous part of the floodplain -- it is associated with moving water.

The floodway fringe is the portion of the floodplain outside of the floodway, which is covered by flood water during the a storm event. The term "floodfringe" is generally associated with standing water rather than flowing water.

Flood Insurance Standard property insurance does not cover flood damage. If your home is located in a federally-designated floodplain, your mortgage company will require that you have flood insurance. If there is a mapped floodplain on your property, it should be shown on your property survey. The National Flood Insurance Program allows property owners to buy federally-backed flood insurance. In return for this protection, communities enact measures to reduce flood risks to new development. Federally-backed flood insurance is available for all buildings, whether the buildings are in a regulated floodplain or not. Flood insurance covers direct losses caused by surface flooding.

Floodplain Mapping The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) establishes flood zones for higher risk areas. The purpose is to determine where flood insurance is required. In partnership with FEMA, North Carolina became the first state to assume responsibility for floodplain mapping. The project includes analyzing flood hazards and producing updated, digital flood maps.