Public Information Officer

Jonas SilverCitizens are the heart of Knightdale, so it is essential that the Town communicates effectively with equitable treatment of all its stakeholders. The Town is committed to open communication as the foundation of maintaining an engaged and informed citizenry.  Knightdale strives to provide accurate timely information and to promote public discussion of important issues.  The Public Information Officer (PIO) serves as the Town's dedicated professional to ensure that these expectations are met.

Jonas Silver is the PIO for the Town of Knightdale. A crucial function of his position is to plan, organize, develop and implement communication strategies aimed at facilitating communication between various internal and external stakeholders, such as the Town Staff, Town Council, citizens, and regional media outlets.

The PIO manages and oversees the Town's various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, Instagram, etc.) and produces and reviews all other print and electronic town communications. He produces the Town's E-Newsletter, manages the Town's website, prepares and releases town press releases as well. 

The PIO works with all Town Departments to provide citizens with news and information about the Town, its projects, and its programs. 

  • The Knightdale email list is an effective way to stay in touch with town events. Citizens are  encouraged to register to receive information via email from the Town. 
  • The Town also disseminates information via social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor.

Jonas received his Bachelors Degree of Communication Studies from University of North Carolina Greensboro.