Building Permits

The Knightdale Development Services Department is your one-stop shop for the entire permitting process: drop-off, pick-up, and payment is handled in our office. The Town contracts with Wake County to provide plan review and building inspection services, but all permits are submitted directly to the Development Services Department.

If you have questions about building permits or where to start, check out some of the Development Guides in the list below or visit Wake County's website. Don't know if you need a permit? Check this information sheet (PDF) or call Donna Tierney at (919) 217-2244.


To submit a trade permit application, either send it by fax to (919) 217-2249 or email it directly to Donna Tierney for processing.

Please note that the Knightdale inspections line is (919) 217-2246. Knightdale conducts driveway, sidewalk, zoning/setback, and Certificate of Occupancy inspections; all other inspections are handled by Wake County. Their number is (919) 856-6060.

Building Inspection Forms & Information